by Rachael

They offer great online services, as well as chabad centers all around the world with free food and internet access as well as other useful services. They have a lot of money which I don't really know where its all coming from. Presumably "donations".

They are very warm and friendly and "understanding of where you are coming from". Lots of "love bombing". They have an unlimited amount of time to devote to your questions, though many of the answers seem "canned".

They try to sell themselves as the "real Judaism" by being extra-stringent with the law and implying that anybody who isn't following the extra stringencies is not a "real" Jew. These stringencies are EXTREMELY demanding and intrusive on ones private life. They dominate every aspect of you're being and, once you're hooked, if you don't "do it right" there is shame and social ostricism galore.

They do extensive outreach to "secular" Jews, and even to non-Jews as potential Noahides. They also offer "fast-tracked" conversions for gentilles (which are looked at suspiciously from outside the Chabad cult). They have even gotten far enough as to convince the United States government that they represent "real" Judaism.

They do NOT represent real Judaism. They worship their Rebbe as the Messiah. This is idolatory. The number one sin in Judaism.

Also, real Judaism does not proselytize. It actively rejects converts. A "mitzvah" which was done through any form of psychological coercion doesn't "count". Any act of obedience to God must come from FREE WILL. He wants us to love him, but he can't FORCE us.

How do I deal with it? Alert as many people as possible. I suspect it will eventually break away into its own "religion" eventually. (All the while claiming to be the "real" Judaism).

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by: Anonymous

This has nothing to do with Psychopathy. It's a sect of Judaism that is involved in outreach. There are many other sects that practice Judaism through being closed off from the world at large. Chabad practise being open to helping others, without the fear of being influenced negatively. Google "characteristics of a cult" and you will quickly see that this sect of Orthodox Judaism does not fit the criteria. "Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.,"- Chabad is one of the only sects that actually encourage questions and address concerns. How do I know? Because I'm involved with them. And I've also been involved with what seems to be something on the lines of a Pro-Social borderline psychopath. The two have nothing in common.

Might be worth further exploration
by: David

I have to say that a member of a cult is the last person who would know if the group he is in is a cult or not.

Members of cults typically believe that because they are in it, they know more about the group than outsiders. Unfortunately this is not the case. The reason cult members stay in the group is precisely because they cannot see that it is a cult. If they could see it, they would run a mile!

The pseudopersonality of cult members is programmed to defend the group using the ideas and beliefs of the cult. They will deny, justify and rationalize the activities of the cult using cult doctrine and it is very difficult for them to see the control and abuses.

There are many web sites demonstrating how this group is a destructive cult and it might be worth looking at some of these, and asking yourself 'What if the info in this web site is actually true?'

It will not be an easy task. Good luck!

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