About SBI!

Life before Solo Build It!

Before I built this website, I had another one. I had built it from scratch, teaching myself as I went along. It took me weeks to get the first page done, but after that it was quicker. I had the usual homepage, about me page, my services, and a couple of testimonials.

Time to find a web host. It wasn't very cheap in Ireland and I paid €520 per year. I needed an e-mail address, that was another €30. To set up an autoresponder would cost me another €30. This was a lot of money because I was trying to start my own business at the time.


I'm online, except...

But I was very proud of it! I had an online presence!

After several months I realised that's all I had. It was more of an online brochure, really. Unless I was telling people my specific web address, there was no traffic. And I mean none. That one person who visited on Wednesday last week? That was me checking that the webpage still worked!


Then things changed...

I don't even remember how I found Solo Build It!. But I remember WHEN I found it. I remember reading lots and lots of pages. I remember thinking that up until then I didn't really understand how the Internet worked.

The owner of Solo Build It! was an ex-medic, too. He had studied how the Internet worked and he explained how internet users want information. Information, information, information is the key. If you build a website with lots of information, each page on a particular theme, then people will find it in the search engines.


An action guide

There was an action guide, a ten-day step-by-step program designed to lead somebody through the process of building not just a website but a successful e-business. Everything from choosing a theme for the website, checking that there is a demand for it, organising the layout of the website and deciding how you want to make money. And all this before even choosing the web address!

I didn't have to know anything about how to build webpages because there was a point-and-click system for doing that. There are templates available for web design. How much time had I wasted on the design of my amateur effort!

There was a huge list of extras. Apparently, they submitted every newly built page to Google, Yahoo and other search engines for me. And I thought "What? You're supposed to do that?"

"No need for you to read 100+ Net marketing e-zines, blogs and feeds - we do that for you. Our newsletter boils it all down and reports only the important material you need to know" is how the newsletter starts. I was impressed.

And the more I read, the more it made sense. One of the nice things was they were going to take care of all the technology, and I could put my attention on building content rich webpages.

Included were e-mail addresses, auto-responders, spam filters, facilities for sending newsletters, a built in blog, tools to find out what search terms people use, forums to ask questions, detailed easy-to-follow help at every stage, and a host of other things I didn't understand.

I wanted it. Now to check out the price…

$299. American dollars. That's… let me see… €230. Ah, yes, but what about all those extras? I've been caught out before.

Well apparently, there weren't any extras. Everything was included in the price. If there was a salesman in front of me I would have ripped his arm off in an attempt to buy it!

I remember thinking that even if I just learned how to build a website, $299 was worth it.

So I bought it, and even if I say so myself, it was one of the better decisions I've made.

I started into the action guide and began taking the steps. And there's no doubt about it, it takes time, it takes effort, it takes motivation. But they do produce on their promise and all the tools are there!

Over the next four or five months I wrote lots of pages. I read extensively in the forums. I learned lots of things I never thought I would. I learnt a little about coding web pages, for example.


Free search engine traffic!

And then there was the pride of watching the number of visitors to the site, 4 a day, 8, 20, 32, 56 continually climbing. Time to start monetising. Google ads, my services…

Sometimes it seemed as if nothing was happening. If I needed encouragement I'd look at some of the other results. I'd read the forums. Keep adding content-rich pages was like a mantra. Slow like a tortoise and the snowball effect will kick in.

If you have read about me, you will know that I left the website for 4 years without giving it much attention. In those 4 years the traffic went from 300 people a day to 1900 people per day. I missed seeing the snowball effect!

What I was very aware of, though, was the monthly cheque coming in at the end of every month...

While I wasn't looking(!) they also added a whole host of new features. The technology for readers to contribute, integration with facebook, advances in the tools for researching themes and keywords, a module for finding a niche, more elegant templates.

I was sufficiently intrigued to learn how to code my own web pages instead of using their page builder. Now I have started building pages again, even adding pages in Spanish, and I'm aiming to create another snowball effect...!

This has become my 'job'! I am using the information I have gathered over years to continue to help others but in a very different way than previously. And I get paid for it!


What about you?

If you have a particular interest or hobby that you're passionate about, you easily have enough information to build your own site. And besides, any research you need to do is a pleasure because it's something you're interested in anyway!

If you want to know more about Solo Build It!, the video tour explains it all. It takes about half an hour and can potentially save you hours or even weeks if you're interested in building a successful online business for yourself.


Brain, attitude, motivation, time

It is a lot of work upfront. You need to use your brain and have some motivation. But it's absolutely worth it! Work from home, when you want to, and you have the best boss in the world!

!f you want to supplement your income by building a website in your spare time, or you want to change career where you work from home, this is a viable option. And there are results to prove it!


One more thing...

There is a 90 day money-back guarantee. Yep, 90 days. Solo Build It! is sure of their product so it's all upside and no downside for you.

"Don't wait for opportunity to come knocking on your door... go out and give it directions."

- Anonymous


What are you waiting for?!?

At least go and have a look! And good luck...



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