Airplane romance turned out to be a sociopath

I met my boyfriend on an airplane. He was so charming and I fell in love with him immediately. I knew he was the one. He contacted me within 2 weeks. He was still married and was going for a separation which did occur. As we dated I fell madly in love with him. I even tattooed his name on me. He love bombed me and did all the things I wanted in a man. We spent every night together but then he got separated and told me he didn't want to marry me or live together. This is when the trouble started.

We had been going to his other house. Memorial weekend we went but before we left he picked up some food. On our way I became sick in the car and felt like I was drugged. This also happened another time at his other house.

Months later he made sure I saw a porn video in which I was in it. I was drugged and don't remember it at all. He had a friend we had met at a bar having sex with me. He also did a video with the two of us having intercourse but our faces did not show. I knew it was him by the speech and his hand.

Perhaps the most frightening thing that happened is I had decided to move out of my apartment. That day we had an altercation. I left that evening and came back the next day to find that he had been there. It sounds funny but my bath tub was sparkling clean. He was the only one who could have done it. You see we used to take baths. I speculate that we would take a bath and he would drug me with some wine and xanax since I was on it at the time. Then he put a knot in a tie he had left at the apartment. I still had the tie and later on I found that he bought the same tie. Evidence to me. I'm lucky to be alive.

Some of the stuff stopped but the final assault is when he was redoing the kitchen floor. He told me to watch out but when I walked in the kitchen I fell through the floor up to my hip. I yelled for him to help me but he didn't come. He began to scold me. He finally came to me after I was out of the hole.

Much more happened, actually too much to recount. Mind control is definitely a factor.

I am still under his influence though we do not communicate. Things that he has said and done always come to mind. Of course the sex was outrageous and he made sure I knew it - Ruining me for other lovers.

It's sick but I still love him and want to be with him. I know this is not right. I am seeking therapy to undo the damage. I'm praying to be strong and I am. I have never met such a monster and hope I never will again.

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Whirlwind romances...
by: David


Thanks for writing.

One important sign of danger is a relationship that develops very fast, where a person feels that they have met the ideal partner. If it's too good to be true, it usually is!

Psychopaths build relationships very fast with their targets and often the bond is actually stronger than in 'normal' healthy relationships.

This is why a person can get out of an abusive relationship but still love the abuser. The pseudopersonality that the abuser has imposed on the victim does not disappear on it's own and it needs work to get rid of the damaging beliefs and so on.

Make sure your therapist understands mind control and psychopaths, because if not, they will not be able to help you to sort this out and often actually make things worse.

And well done for getting out of the relationship!

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