Amma Cultist Friend

by Anne

It wasn't until after I fell out with a friend that I realized her weird outbursts of angry, controlling behavior towards me were a symptom of her involvement with the local Amma organization and that she had been trying (unsuccessfully) to recruit me. I had been oblivious because I didn't think an intelligent, serious woman like my friend would get involved in a bona fide cult. I thought she was just inviting me to some events that I just wasn't interested in and didn't understand why she wasn't taking no for an answer.

Our relationship went nuclear when she started criticizing my own DIY religious practices and I replied that I followed the Zen motto, "If you meet the Buddha on the Way, kill him!" She immediately started lecturing me in a frantic way on how stupid and incapable I was in every aspect of my life. It was like a physical assault. I basically told her to get out of my life and stay out until and unless she was ready to apologize and never treat me like that again.

I have to thank the ex-Amma people who shared their experiences with me and helped me figure out why this was happening. I believe my friend was basically mirroring the abusive behavior she was experiencing firsthand with the Amma group. I feel very sorry for her. If she ever gets out of this, I'd like to be friends again.

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same here
by: Anonymous

Oooh dear,
I now understand this man who was desperate I join his church. He too was not taking no for an answer.
I just could not understand his madness.
But I think. Now. I do understand him.

Thanks for writing
by: David

Intelligence has little to do with whether a person can be recruited into a cult or not. Lack of understanding of mind control, however, has a lot to do with it. And one of the main reasons people get caught is that they don't understand how cults work, they don't know about mind control and they even believe that they could spot a cult a mile away.

And I agree that your friend was mirroring the abusive behavior of the group. Remember the pseudopersonality is a clone of the leader and will consider that such behavior is acceptable to get people to join the group. After all, when they do join, they will realize the benefits, they too can be happy, etc., etc.

Giving your friend something to read often works as a non-threatening way to introduce information about mind control and cults.

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