Been Conned All Of My Life - Started In Childhood...

by Rosemarie
(Florida USA)

Where do I start? Being raised in a home where my dad was a 20 year man in the army. After divorcing my mom and marrying a psychopath (my opinion) everything was forced on me and my siblings. I grew up looking and searching for love. Went to churches, psychiatrists, psychologists, groups and became a 'student/teacher' of A Course in Miracles for just about 10 years until I decided to closed the book and the people who were influences in my life.

Since reading a lot of the articles here I am understanding what's been happening to me and why I was taken advantage of by just about everyone who ever entered my life.

I gave up family, money, homes, cars, almost my life and my passion for life. If I wrote a book people would be reading it for a year because there's been so many cons in my life.

I am now and have been living in temporary places for 10 years since my son passed away and felt taken advantage of by 'new people'.

I've been on disability for almost 8 years because of physical injuries but if I told the story of the fight against all of the bullshit in my head I've had to fight against, I probably could have been on it for 'mental disabilities'. I didn't and will never give up the fight to enjoy my life without the fears being first priority in my decisions.

It started when I was young and was told by a stepmother that I was dumb, ugly and stupid. I believed it until I started getting the 'help' I needed. Some did help but some just kept taking me back to that place in my mind where I thought it was true.

I started a website last June about the teachings I had gotten from A Course in Miracles since he passed away but just recently added another page about what I thought it was doing to me personally.

Thank you for letting me share. And thank you for this site. It's helping tremendously and I have even more ambition and motivation to continue telling my 'stories' to help others become aware that they are not going crazy.



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Thanks for writing
by: David

I am glad you have realized what has been happening to you.

It's important to understand that all those labels put on you were part of the destruction of your real personality so that the manipulators could impose their will on you. And they are just not true!!

Been Conned All Of My Life - Started In Childhood...
by: Rosemarie

Thank you David. It feels really good to expose the lies and free myself from them. Seeing your comment, what others have helped me with and being encouraged and reminded of my worth, keeps me from going down in that pit of despair. I'm very appreciative.

Foot steps
by: lwangler

I rose up and met the negative with determination. It has done me well.However, I wonder what I would be had I not had to fight every moment to not be what she "said I was". Your story sounds much like mine. Best Wishes

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