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The single, most useful career change assistance you can have is to know how to make decisions.

But in a very particular way.

Writing a list of the pros and cons and adding up the numbers is not particularly effective. It is however, very common advice.

Good state, good decisions

What's much more useful is to know how to be in a good frame of mind for making decisions. Many people make decisions only at the last minute, when they're forced into it. These times of stress often lead to poor decision making or having to make hard decisions.

Remember you have to make the decision, so you may as well be in good form in order to make the best decisions.

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to do this is actually to move your body in particular ways so that you can more easily make a decision.

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Ask the right questions...

Then there's the actual decision making process part. What decision are you actually making? What questions are you asking yourself that make up the decision? Because the questions that you ask will determine the answers that you get.

For example, asking which of two things is best for you will result in your picking one over the other. Asking if either of them are any good for you could potentially result in your rejecting both. So be careful of the questions you ask.


The career part...

That's the decision making part. What about actual career change assistance?

There's lots of career advice about choosing what you're good at or picking what you like doing. The idea is that if you do these things, then it will give you a sense of self worth and confidence, or fulfillment, or contentment, or whatever word you choose.

But what if you start this way? What if you already had a sense of confidence and fulfillment? Then you would make decisions about doing things to keep this and not just always trying to get it.

You would then be looking for a different kind of career advice or career change assistance.

Because when you start with a really solid sense of yourself, it's much easier to make decisions because you have a much better understanding of what's aligned with you, with who you are.

You know deep down what's right for you.

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