Career Change for Over 50s

What works for you already?

If you're considering a career change for over 50s there are some things to bear in mind.

You've made it this far. You've built a whole range of skills and success strategies that have allowed you to get to where you are. You have tried lots of things, some of them you liked and some you didn't. You can make many decisions. And some of them you liked and some you didn't.

Who are you?

But how well do you know yourself? Oh, there is a persona that you spent many years building and maintaining. The you that you present to the world because you want them to think of you in a certain way. But what about the essence of who you really are?... That sense of knowing yourself that you'd really like to bring out... But either you don't know how or you're afraid to.

When people consider a career change for over 50s, sometimes they think that changing career is the thing that will allow them to begin to live the life that they want. The typical scenario is 'if I do this, then I will be happy and I'll feel content and satisfied.'

But what if you knew how to feel content and satisfied from the inside out? And then you make decisions that allow you to keep this sense intact.

A fresh start...

This is not about ignoring everything that has happened in the past. It is, however, about establishing a different starting point for yourself in the present. When you make decisions the first thing you think about is yourself. Are you being the way you want to be and are you in a good state for making decisions?

And then, how do you clarify and make the decision so that you benefit not just now but in the long-term?

Other people's obstacles

When considering a career change for over 50s somebody usually asks the question about whether you can learn to do things in a different way. The answer, of course, is a resounding yes! The evidence is that you're reading this web page, because you want to learn more. In fact, you've got this far down the page. And this is definitely not the usual career change advice! And there is even more career advice if you're feeling so inclined...

Career change for over 50s is often met with others disapproval. They may say that you have to start over at the bottom again. They may talk about it being difficult, risky and challenging. And all the things they say would be absolutely true. For themselves.

That secret desire!

Another important factor in career change for over 50s is that very often people have some secret desire, some fascination or something they're passionate about, that they would really like to have a go at.

But they have no idea how to make it work, or make money from it, or how it will turn out. And these things may be sufficient to prevent them from trying it out.

There's more information about how these things work and what to do about them on the decision making skills and decision making tips pages.

And if you want a career change for over 50s that will allow you to live your own life from the inside out with a sense of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction, then learn how to make great decisions.

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