Career Change For Teachers

The usual stuff

Career change for teachers is on the increase. As an educator, you have your own awareness of what the reasons for this are. You have spent sufficient time on those, lets consider your future! There's lots of advice on career change for teachers about transferring your skills, deciding what you want to do with your life, following your dreams, making more money.

And you can even work out different ways so that you still have an influence on the education and nurture of children and/or adults.

Back to basics...

All this is about what you want to do. First, let's go back and consider who will be doing these things.

Who you are determines what you think and what you do. And, in turn, the things you do have an impact on who you are.

Not this...

We have somehow learned in our society that it is by doing things that we establish ourselves in the world. So people put a lot of attention on finding the right thing to do.


But remember, what you do is determined by who you are.

So once you establish a very solid sense of yourself, a sense that is generated from the inside out, when you come to understand the very essence of who you are, then it becomes easy to make decisions about what to do.

Because you understand what activities are aligned and congruent with who you are being!

The right start

So it's vital that the starting point in a career change for teachers, or anyone else for that matter, is yourself. Who you are in the world.

Are you doing things to try and establish this sense of self, a sense of fulfillment and completion?

Going forward...

Or are you starting with this intact and making decisions to keep it intact? This is a very important distinction. It makes the difference between living a life to try and find yourself, and creating yourself in the way that you are designed to be so that you can live your own life.

Because like this, a career change for teachers takes on a whole new meaning. It's no longer a route to get away from those things that are stressful and uncomfortable. It's not simply a desire to find something better.

... and creating

Rather a career change for teachers becomes a way for you to manifest your own magnificence in who you are and what you do... moving forward into a future of your own choosing...

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