Career Change For Woman

What's important?

Considering a career change for woman? There are several things you need to keep in mind. They are:
  • You
  • your decision making
  • your passion
  • your family


First of all, you. If you're thinking about a career change for a woman, who exactly is doing it? Are you considering making this change to find yourself? Or do you already have a strong internal sense of who you really are, and you're making the shift to align what you do with who you are?

This is a significant difference and well worth establishing from the start of your career change for woman. Because it will determine the direction you take and, of course, where you end up.


How is your decision making? Do you just muddle by somehow, or do you have a well formed decision making process? One that allows you to make decisions to keep your sense of yourself intact all the time? A process that keeps you on track, moving in your own direction, while considering all those closest to you? A process that will quickly and easily allow you to organise a career change for woman...

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Passion and purpose

And of course, your passion. That thing that you would really love to be doing but don't know how to, or don't know how to make it work out...

Do you even know what it is? Many people think that there is one right thing for them to be doing, and if they could just find that, their life would be great. But what if this is a myth? What if there isn't just one thing? What if the whole idea is simply to be yourself and then do things that more and more allow you to be who you want to be...?

There are some interesting ideas about how to coordinate it all on this site for WAHM's, Work At Home Moms. There are also some personal stories, including their reasons for working at home.


Your family

Family comes in at this stage for several reasons. Firstly, if you're not on top form and functioning at your best, how can you possibly take the best care of them? And secondly, your children will do what they see done at home. What are you modelling out for them?

Sticking out a job that you don't really want to be doing just to earn some money, or choosing a career change for woman that allows you to live a life that is passionate and full, being yourself while doing those things that you really want to do? And having this become more true as you move further into your future...

Not always simple

Of course, including your children and family in your decisions can be tricky sometimes.

There are always going to be consequences, sometimes unexpected ones. The trick here, as in all decision making, is to make a decision and to accept the consequences or that there will be consequences. (Especially in a career change for women!) Then you may even be in a position where you are able to use them to get more of what you want.

For example, if you make a decision to dine out with your husband, as a consequence you will not be spending time with the kids. Accepting this makes it easy for you to give your husband 100% of your attention. Later, when you are with the kids, they get 100% of your attention. You and they both get to have the experience of you.

When approached in this way, a career change for woman may take more effort up front, but the rewards and the benefits become magnified as you move into the future of your own choosing...

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