Career Change Ideas
To Leverage Your Knowledge

You have your lists...

Let's put some career change ideas together in order to help you make some decisions that you can do something about.

Let's assume you know what you don't want to do, so we can ignore all those things. You have made your lists of what your strengths are, what you might like to do, what you would do if you had a magic wand... or not! (You really can't be bothered with the list thing because you have a fairly good idea in your mind.)

You have thought about such things as

  • whether you want to make a sudden switch or do it gradually
  • will you need new skills
  • whether you are prepared to retrain or not
  • how much you can afford to spend to retrain
  • will you like the new career
  • will you get paid enough
  • how can you make the best of the skills you already have
  • do you want employment or do you want to work for yourself?

When searching for career change ideas, the thought of working for yourself invariably comes up. If you don't think of it, someone else suggests it.

When you consider working for yourself, what happens? Dread at the mention of it... not really your thing... excitement at the thoughts of freedom and possibilities...?

Would you work from home or rent on office/workspace?

Do you have the discipline to do it. Some people who work at home, get up at a regular time, put on a suit, go to the coffee-shop and have breakfast and return to the 'office' in their home to start their days work. This is how they maintain discipline for themselves!


More career change ideas... or less?

Instead of making long lists of career change ideas that appeal to you, what about shortening those lists... to one thing. What are you passionate about? What topic do you have lots of information about?

Often the answer is 'nothing'. But frequently that's because you don't consider what you have as anything special. For you it's natural to be good at this thing. You learn very fast about this subject. Your friends and family say it's 'your thing'. Some people even try and hide their fascination from others in case others think they are a bit strange!

If you are not sure, ask someone close to you what you are really good at. Because we are going to create some career change ideas about this topic...

If you don't want to follow the career change ideas related to this, you can stop reading now...

If you don't know what your passion is, call someone and ask them. We'll wait...

Good, you're back! Know what it is? Great!

In order to generate income from this you need other people to know about what you do. Whether it's information based, products, services, rentals. marketing, working from home, a hobby, whatever... you need to let others know.

What's the cheapest way to do that? The internet. I know, I know! The world and it's mother want to have a web presence and there are millions of web sites and blogs...

But think about this. You are here reading this page... Of all the pages available on career change (and there are a lot in the current climate!!) you are reading here...


Because this page on career change ideas was built with you and the search engines in mind.

You see the idea with a store on the main street is location, location, location. An online business is slightly different. The idea is information, information, information.

That's why you pick what you are passionate about already. You have lots of information already. Looking for more information on your subject is a pleasure and you learn fast because it's a subject that you love!


Turn your knowledge into revenue

The idea is to build a web site with lots of information, and you get lots of free traffic from the search engines.

Simple! But not 'easy'. It takes some time and motivation. That's why not everyone does it. They want a quick-and-easy web site, that earns money 'now'. But, of course, they don't exist, or everyone would have one!!

When people use the internet, they want information. If you provide the information they want, they come to know, like and trust you. The next step then, is for them to use your services, buy your products, click on your ads etc.

So no matter what type of business/hobby/interests you have there are like minded people around the world looking for information that you potentially have!


Not tech savvy?

Going to need help building a web site?

I've done a lot of looking and a great company that provides more tools than anyone else that I could find is SBI!.

And before you say any more, yes, I do! I do get a commission, but that's not the only reason I am writing this. I am writing it because it works for me and I consider that the information and associated career change ideas are useful for others.

I know only a tiny percentage of readers will actually go to the site and even fewer will actually make a purchase. Because it takes a certain type of person to do this.

It takes dedication, time and effort, especially at the start. But the results are amazing... 66% of sitesell sites are in the top 1% in the world!

Even if you don't invest in sitesell, it's worth a read of a few pages of their site to understand the details of how the search engines work and so on...

The range of tools they offer is incredible, the forums are full of really helpful people and it's only $299 dollars per year and... Sorry!!


Back to the career change ideas...

Where were we? Oh yes, having a web site that attracts people means that whatever product or service or interest or niche that you have can be used to allow like-minded people to find you.

The important phrase in the last sentence is 'that attracts people'. Anyone can build a web site. But there are things you need to do to make sure that you attract visitors. No traffic, no use. It takes as much effort to build a web site that does not attract visitors as it does to build one that attracts 1000's of visitors per day... I know, I have done both!

So you can use a web site to attract people to your dental practice, to your consulting or healing practice, to your gift store, to see your collection or 18th century baskets... and so on and so on.

The web site itself can be used to monetize your traffic without having anything to sell, so writing the web site becomes your business...

And you have all the advantages of being your own boss and working from home. You can transition gradually, all the tools are here in one place and you learn what you need to in order to take the next step, and it is not expensive... all your 'retraining' for $300!!



Building a web site that works is a process. There are steps to be taken. But within the process you can be as creative as you like...

Thanks for reading!

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