Career Change Out Of Teaching

The important things

If you're thinking of making a career change out of teaching, you've probably also assessing the rest of your life as well. Useful things to think about include
  • who you are
  • how you make decisions
  • what your passion is
  • what direction you would like to move in
  • and what kind of experiences you want to be having.

The REAL you

Who you are is the foundation for your whole life. I don't just mean your personality or the particular characteristics or skills that you have. Because very often the personality is a mask or veil that you've learnt to present to the world to keep safe the essence of who you really are.


Knowing how to make decisions is a skill that is rarely taught. And yet it is something we do a lot of. As a teacher career change brings it's own set of decisions! Having a decision making process in place that allows you to manifest who you are in the world, makes it easy for you to know what jobs or career to be doing next...



Everybody has something that they love doing. Oftentimes however, they don't consider they could make a living at it or they don't understand how they could organise a life around it.

The difficulty is sometimes that the mask or personality that somebody has developed is the very thing keeping them from their passion. A career change out of teaching may be the ideal time for a complete reorganization of how you live your life.


Following your passion allows you to develop some clarity about the direction you want to move in. Do you want to be spending more time with people, or putting your attention on activities, or dealing more with information? Do you have a preference for places, or are things and gadgets where your particular fascination is?

Your own experiences...

And when you make your career change out of teaching, what kind of experiences do you want to be having?

How much time do you want to yourself? How will you spend your money? How much money do you want to be making? What kind of other things can you do to enhance your sense of yourself, your satisfaction and your own fulfilment?

Read on for more details on how to make a career change out of teaching that is aligned with who you are...

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