Career Change Tips

Do - Be - Do - Be - Doo...

Below are some career change tips that will help your career change decision making so that it's aligned and congruent with who you really are. They may not be suitable for people who want it all to be simple and plain sailing.

Rather, these career change tips are for those people who are committed to making their life work on many levels, who are prepared to do what it takes so that they have a life that is worth living...

(Which comes first, being or doing? Frank Sinatra had the answer with his song, " Do - Be - Do - Be - Doo..." !!)

Know thyself

And not just what you like doing, your strengths and what you're good at.

I mean know who you are.

Because not until you know who you are, can you know what's appropriate for you, what kind of activities a person such as you would be doing, and what kind of things are aligned with who you are becoming...


Follow your passion

Joseph Campbell, mythologist and philosopher, gives many 'career change tips' and he points out that when people follow the money it's a dangerous road because you may lose it all at any time.

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He says when you follow your passion, or as he says when you 'follow your bliss', at the end of your life you may or may not have money, but you will have bliss.

And what he means is that if you continually move along the direction of your passion, at the end of your life you will have lived your own life completely, every moment of it, and your life will have been magnificent. And when you look back on your life, there will be no regrets...

Outcomes OR process...

You can choose where you want to go in your life or how you want to get there. But typically you can't have both.

Most people set quite definite goals for themselves, and also lay out the steps that they're going to take to get there. Typically they have to sacrifice one or the other because the universe usually has other plans!

To some extent, this is a learned pattern on top of the idea that people want to know how the future will go. Some of the more complex decision making models even build in contingency plans at the end for unexpected occurrences.

In terms of actually achieving your goals, it's much more useful to hold the goal in mind and be prepared to be flexible in your behavior so that you actually get to where you want to go. This means giving up wanting to know all the steps between here and there before you even take the first step. Just a small thing in these career change tips!!

'Wish for your deepest desires,' she said, and when I asked if they'd come true she said, 'They always do, so get them out in the open while you're still young enough to correct any serious mistakes.'

Brian Andreas


Decision Making

Learn how to make decisions where who you are is central to the whole process. This means you have an ongoing way to ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Even, and especially if, that direction changes over time.

These career change tips are associated with a whole way of thinking and living your life, giving a very particular kind of work life balance...

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