Career Changes For Lawyers

The bad

Career changes for lawyers are on the increase for several reasons.

You may have had enough of dealing with other people's problems all day and night and even on your time off. Perhaps you're fed up of the long hours or the cutthroat competition or maybe just being a lawyer simply doesn't do it for you anymore.

The good

At this point there are lots of skills in place that make career changes for lawyers easier than at first glance. Good communication skills, an ability to negotiate and reach resolutions, knowing how to anticipate risk, overcome or even prevent problems and keen analytical thinking are highly desirable attributes for many employers.

The real question

Much of the available advice on career changes for lawyers will point you towards using these things. But this is career advice of a different kind. The question is do you want to be doing the same kind of thing or do you have something completely different in mind? And how do you make the decision about what to do?

If you don't know who you are, how will you know what's right for you? It's one of the main reasons that people go around in circles for such a long time trying to make decisions. Especially about the important things, such as career changes for lawyers!

Going in circles

Many people are finding that they are getting little or no satisfaction and fulfillment from their job and they think a career change to something more suited to them would give them this satisfaction. They're trying to find the right thing for them to do so that they can be themselves, so that they can express who they are in the world and thereby create a sense of self worth.

And for the most part, it won't work. Initially, everything is different. New environment, new people, new tasks. But the same person is doing them, and very soon they are running the same patterns which cause the same problems and difficulties. The solution? Another career change!

Getting out of the rat race...

What will work is to, first and foremost, get to know yourself. It's vital to have an awareness for yourself of what it's like for you, to be you. And this awareness is body-based. It's not simply a cognitive construct. It's building an awareness of what it's like to get out of your head and get into your own body.

... into your body...

Because it's only by living in your body can you actually have the experiences that you want to be having. Your connection to your own personal passion and destiny is a physical one, and can only be felt in your gut or in your heart. No amount of thinking, pondering, and reasoning will get you any closer to it.

... and into our own life!

Once you've learned how to live in your body, then decision-making is infinitely easier. You know what's right for you because you're being you. It's where you start from. And there is an incredible sense of satisfaction and fulfillment just by being this way. And then you make decisions to do things that will enhance this.

And this becomes the direction of your life, knowing who you are and like this, choosing what to do. Knowing that the things you do will strengthen who you are...

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