College Friend Was A
Manipulative Predator

by Liv

In my freshman year of college I befriended a girl who I thought was a bit conceited and arrogant and always seemed to be having disputes with her roommate and her roommates’ friends. I overlooked these qualities in her because I thought that she was just socially awkward but with a good heart.

After the first semester, she would refer to me as her “best friend”, but when I spent a few weeks at her house over the summer, she changed, isolating herself from me and being very aloof, even throwing tantrums over very minor things, but warming to me when I threatened to leave early.

This fall, she planned my birthday but then sexually assaulted one of my friends when we were all drunk (and she tried to steal my liquor). She tried to guilt trip me into answering her dozens of calls and voicemails when I found out what she had done, making me and the friend she assaulted out to be bad people. In those messages she had no remorse, so I let her mother and boyfriend know what had happened, and I confronted her over text.

This happened a month ago and I’m still dealing with the disgust of letting someone as manipulative as her into my life for so long.

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Manipulative Predator

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by: David


Well done for recognizing what was going on.

Be careful about blaming yourself, though. This predator was doing many things that you were not aware of, lies, deception, emotional manipulation and so on.

She was manipulating you into behaving and thinking in certain ways so that she got what she wanted.

Nobody allows someone to abuse them and take advantage of them. They are tricked into accepting it. Learning more about how mind control works and specifically what tactics were used against you, and why, is fundamental to undoing the damage so that you are not caught by other manipulators in the future.

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