Decision Making Helper

by Sabine Weber

Very easy to use decision making software. Decision Making Helper provides great support in making decisions in private as well as business matters. Especially if you do not want to rely only on your own intuition, Decision Making Helper allows a rational approach to the topic.

I have already used this decision making tool to help answer questions regarding a possible job change and change of residence and the tool was really helpful.

Decision Making Helper guides you through a matrix which prompts you to reflect on and list all possible criteria of each possible option. At first, the available options will be entered in the matrix. Subsequently, all the criteria and factors affecting the decision will then be entered and weighted. Thus, when looking for a new apartment, travel time to work can, for example, be weighted higher than the view of the apartment. All the factors entered can now individually be weighted and compared for each available apartment.

When finished, Decision Making Helper will then automatically calculate the best option available based on the subjective evaluations. Additionally, the results will be displayed graphically in different charts.

Personally, I came to the conclusion not to move. But I'm no longer in doubt since with Decision Making Helper my decision made is now reasonable and insightful.

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