Decision Making

This page contains a quick overview of some specific decision making techniques with links to more detailed explanations and examples.

Read Decision Making Tools And Techniques - Part 1


Edward de Bono added another dimension to the T Chart by adding a third column to the 'Pluses' and 'Minuses'. An 'Interesting' column. Other consequences, ideas or areas of uncertainty that are not yet judged to be good or bad are listed here.

Then each item, in all 3 lists, is given a plus or minus value based on it's relative importance. Again, each column is totalled. These 3 numbers are then added to determine the decision.


Decision making matrix/
Grid analysis

A decision making matrix is a visual representation of a complex decision. It is a common business decision making model.

Where there are multiple possible outcomes and a whole host of factors to consider, grid analysis is useful. These decision making tools and techniques allow for a step by step comparison of each option versus each factor and a simple method of reaching a logical and rational decision.

You can follow an example and read about the pros and cons of decision making process grids here.

And you can even try an online decision making matrix here!

Kepner Tregoe Decision Making Model

Kepner Tregoe decision analysis also uses matrices, and includes a second matrix analysis of the decision options against potential adverse effects.

It is one of the tools in the managerial decision making process.


ORM Risk Decisions

Army and navy units use ORM, Operational Risk Management to make decisions that minimize risk and hazards in their activities while still allowing the completion of their missions.


Decision Trees

These are used to compare various options and predict the possible outcomes of each option. They are often used to try and work out the risks and benefits of the various options.

They represent the situation graphically in order to assess the net value of many possible outcomes.

The bigger picture...

To get a sense of where these specific techniques fit into decision making overall, read Decision Making Tools And Techniques - Part 1

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