Elrich - Psychopathic girlfriend

by Babe
(Baltimore Maryland)

I was attracted very much by this young women who used sex to get me excited then afterwards she expected money, any where's from 40 up to 60 dollars. No big heart ache, though we cared about each other until she told me she was going to call me in a couple hours and she never did.

In fact, she finally text me about 4 days later and said the phone works both ways and she's sorry.

So we made a date for 2 days later and then she never responded to my text on the day of the date, since then 4 more days expired and still haven't heard from her again.

This seems to be a cycle of hers since we met some 18 months ago. Something tells me she's just using me until she finds another target and she's ready to strike again when she's good and ready.

I have had a real struggle with her treatment of me, but I forgive her and always give in. I at least know the symptoms of her sociopathic mind, but it hurts me to think I should dump her totally.

I just don't know how or even if I should confront her or just stop seeing her completely.

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by: David


If you suspect that this person is a psychopath, you should be running for the exit.

Giving in and forgiving repeated abusive behavior should be a big red flag for you. It is not good for you and should never tolerate such behavior, although this is typically what happens when there is mind control involved.

Frankly, confronting her will be a waste of time. These people never change.

Best to just leave. You do not owe her anything, not even an explanation, although she will probably try and make you feel that you do. Getting involved in giving an explanation simply keeps you in the relationship and means that you continue to be taken advantage of.


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