Evil In Many Ways

by Rubarb

This woman knows me and I know her. She has been doing the most unthinkable things you can imagine. Harasses through the internet, she has people stalking me. She feels like I owe her. I sure don't. She owes me.

I never liked her and I sure never trusted her. She lies and uses politics to walk from serious crimes she commits. She uses aliases. I have experienced that a lot, sending them to my home, even tampering with my car, I do have proof of that through servicing the car, and they put it on my bill.

She lives in Tunkhannock PA. Very convincing, very demanding on having things her way or no way.

I have been dealing with her for over 10 years and am still dealing with her. I am working on getting her placed where she needs to be.

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Thanks for writing
by: David

Instead of getting her placed somewhere, it might be much better for you to get your own head sorted out by learning about mind control and psychopathy so that what this woman does or says no longer has the same effect on you.

It is not easy to do, but it is much more effective that trying to influence this woman's life in some way.

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