Former government employee

by Anthony

I was a state government employee in Ohio for almost 19 years of my life. I was not particularly adept at playing politics and that was a particular deficiency as time went on and government became larger and more corrupt.

In 2011 I took a promotion to another agency after being relentlessly mobbed by a jealous director and her little untalented minions. In this agency, things took a turn for the worse because it was federally funded and I encountered my first 'mind control techniques'.

Specifically, in 2011 they (management I assume) had the lead programmer hack my cellphone and computer and provided continuous feedback and gags for the other workers. Either he hacked it or was provided with unauthorized surveillance of both devices.

He also practiced psychological warfare knowledge by continuing to anchor me to specific stimuli like going by my pod and yelling "RUN!!!!!" - 3 times a day for 2.5 years. He also liked to always do an anchor by tapping the table when he made a point. It was corny but effective from a psychological standpoint.

The other employees were told to shun me or refuse to make eye contact and they performed this flawlessly. I was excluded from everything. Also, the employees would only make demeaning comments to me if anyone was looking. They felt this was OK because I was a 'targeted Employee'.

The lead programmer made sure to always leave out important requirements from my projects or speak double-speak but I always finished them.

This wore on me but I soldiered on. The director was happy enough to use me to get things done and as a scapegoat when he was too cowardly to make a decision himself.

Also, I noticed that 3 or more employees would show up in front of witnesses at my social scene completely out of the blue. They weren't particularly nice and I found it odd and inappropriate for them to be there.

In October of 2013 it was apparent I was also put on several community lists because I filmed many police cars following my vehicle --too many to count. On October 20th 2013 I happened to inadvertently insult a columbus police officer. On October 24th 2013 I got to work. There was a police cruiser in front of the building.

I then got to my office and was literally fumigated by what I found out later to be an uncommon wood fungicide. I had an entire range of symptoms-painful and extremely high blood pressure 80 points higher than normal. Apparently, the perpetrator was simply a person I worked with who was told by the police that they would look the other way-so he could get rid of me.

There were some other events when I got home related to this stalking that I feel uncomfortable relating here but suffice it to be said that the new neighbors were orchestrating a noise + fumigation as well. I know it seems a stretch of the truth but I found myself in the midst of an organized harassment intended for me to be provoked into prison or a psychiatric ward.

At home I was met by a woman that seemed vaguely familiar - from work. She said 'Do you work in a chemical factory? I think you've got a problem at work'. She then left. It was no coincidence.

This went on 3 days. I got no sleep and ended up at Cleveland Clinic where for 24 hours they did virtually nothing then stuck me in a psychiatric ward where I was further harassed by the patients. I have no prior psychiatric history of any kind.

When I returned home - I went to work and quit. The fumigation perpetrator smiled a sideways smile and did a victory walk. He was a simpleton and had no talent as a computer programmer. It's a shame that people who mob and stalk other people just because someone told them to are free to destroy lives but unfortunately the story has become all to common.

About 2 days after I got home I was approached by the same woman as before who told me 'Are you taking care of business. Be out by the weekend.' I got out because I got sick every time I attempted to go home. It was obviously contaminated by whatever they were using.

For a similar case see Kantor vs. Appian corp. There are many other cases of stalking by employees coupled with 'mind control' techniques. This has become a very dangerous country.

ex-government employee

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Educating yourself
by: David

You are right, mobbing is very common in the US and the support for victims is often lacking.

What you write is not far fetched at all. It is disturbingly all too common. You did well to get out before they destroyed you completely.

I suggest you read Mobbing - Emotional abuse in the American Workplace by Noa Davenport.

I also highly recommned working with an expert in this area to undo the damage that has been done. It makes a huge difference working through the experience so that you can make sense of what happened. Doing this allows you to return to normal, healthy functioning again.

If you would like to talk you can contact me on the contact page here.

I hope you have found other employment now.

And thanks for writing.

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