How a psycopath wrecked our business and created havoc for 300 people

My husband is a property developer and also created a property management company for 9 residential sites in South West England (Cornwall).

We had known this woman for several years and he decided after reading her CV that she would be suitable to manage the management business. She always appeared to be completely in control and could be domineering. She insisted on looking after our dog when we were abroad and became more like a family friend.

Over the years the business became more and more in debt and after working for 7 years, she resigned suddenly and on her departure we discovered that almost everything had been a lie. It was almost as if she wanted to destroy the business.

Rents had been paid to property owners over 3 years without there being tenants in the properties. Tenancy agreements with 'Mencap', a charity, for office space, had forged signatures.

She informed residents that she had a disabled son… there was no child, sinking funds are missing and so on. It's endless...

All in all she has caused devastation and we have been left to deal with over 300 angry residents who believed her every lie.

We are left thinking, why didn't we see it? Why didn't we challenge her more often?

It has cost staff their jobs as there is now no money to pay the wages. We have put all this in a report to the police and we await an outcome.

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It's not your fault!
by: David

One of the warning signs of a psychopath is when a business, that should by all accounts be doing well, is actually losing money.

Unfortunately, most people believe there is good in everyone, and also believe that they would never be conned. These two beliefs are very dangerous because it stops people from spotting psychopaths. It also stops them from learning how to spot a psychopath, until it's too late, of course.

The other problem today is that the legal system is not set up to deal with these people. It is very difficult to prove mind control in a court room, and psychopaths are such good liars that when the legal people do not understand psychopathy, it causes problems.

An important thing to keep in mind is that it is not your fault. Blaming yourself is beating yourselves up for nothing because psychopaths are expert manipulators and they make their own rules. And they don't tell you what they are, so you are kept in the dark. And he who makes the rules wins!

Anyway, good luck sorting things out and if I can help in any way let me know.

Take some responsibility!
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to say this but whether or not she seemed to be a family friend or not this was not totally faultless on your part. Yes she may of been manipulative but the fact the money transfers of rent had been happening for 3 years without you playing an active role in due diligence shows a complete lack of business sense and complete negligence. All top entrepreneurs take an active interest in the tasks that they delegate.

The responsibility lies with the manipulators
by: David


When you say "complete lack of business sense and complete negligence" it indicates to me that you don't understand mind control, nor how psychopaths work.

If it was easy to catch a psychopath in what they are doing, the psychopath wouldn't be able to do much damage. The financial crisis wouldn't have happened, psychopathic dictators wouldn't be able to rise to power, and psychopaths would have difficulty grabbing positions of power.

These people are great actors, they are professional liars and because they are not limited by emotions, the range of behaviors available to them is enormous. They do things that normal people would not even think of doing.

This is why they continue to be successful, and until more people learn about how they function and what drives them, their motivations, they will continue to trick, decieve and abuse others.

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