How I Scared A Psychopath

by Daichi Mizuhiro

We were a group of 8 people, and I happened to sit next to the guy whom I figured out was a psychopath. He is slightly older than me, and expected in general to be smarter than I am.

He had a meal ordered on the plane beforehand and knew it was his when the air hostess came to inquire. He swiftly suggested that it might be mine just to observe my reaction. At that time, I reacted by frowning and caught his microexpressions switching from surprise to excitement and a slight smirk at the corner of the mouth.

My next conversation was about choosing roommates. Although I don't recall much of that, he chose someone else which I figure was because he couldn't have controlled me the way he wanted to.

He quickly showed signs of dominance, promiscuous sexual behaviours, pathological lying and manipulation. It so happens that out of the 8 of us, he had managed to coerce the rest into his group and do his bidding. He chose his posse and his woman by using his superficial charm.

He usually would manipulate people into doing things, and I fell for it only once, but I quickly caught on to his act.

We proposed meetings to discuss what was going wrong. Usually what would happen is that he wouldn't pause once in what he said, so I cut to the chase and kept talking without breaking pace.

I noticed that when he was having a conversation, he would insert some facts which would seem so incredibly impossible but the way he would do it would tend to convince everyone. When he learnt something, which comes easy to him, he smites down each and every one to study their reactions to different situations.

I am a person who wouldn't assert his dominance over others but who exudes it by the way I talk and I choose my words carefully. I also have an intrinsic ability to read micro-expressions and deliver sentences based on the present emotions. I carefully consider and pick the words which are relevant.

He never gave off his aura to me to scare me in any way because he knew I couldn't be a prey. In comparison, when the people in his group finally understood after 4 months or so what was going on, he had already enticed his woman with total dominance and she would obey every word he uttered.

The scariest part is that another group of 7 joined us 1 month after we first arrived and he had managed to convince them by fabricating and exaggerating facts about me.

They would still be in his group if one of the new guys hadn't succeeded in making him spew out his fantasies without foundation about me. They realised instantly.

Not being able to manipulate is a challenge, but is not enough. There needs to be an instinctive factor which would repel him. And it so happens that I am physically stronger than him. I once or twice hit him hard and expected the usual reaction which is to hit back or complain. But he walked away, as if a wolf has had its tail cut off.

About the posse itself, it would seem that his very presence would tame them. When he was exposed, they told me that they saw a flicker of a predator in his eyes, and half of them cried for 10 minutes in fear... and that was in a room of 14 people.

Trying to be forgiven was another card up his sleeve, he had managed to convince everyone except me... and to this day he has a different way of talking to me.

I don't hesitate to assert my dominance by using an individualized expression which I reserve for the trumped, which is a mixture of a smirk on the corner of my mouth, a smile which passes the general opinion as genuine and a slight squint of the eyes. I look closely at his face and mannerisms when he loses, and when he looks at my face, something boils inside him but he doesn't show it.

Several people have told me that he exudes a predator's aura, but I'm happy that he stays away.

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Be vigilant!
by: David

It is good to be able to expose these creatures so people can protect themselves. Well done.

However, never underestimate a psychopath!!!

They have nothing better to do than dominate people and engaging them in a power struggle can get messy. They can get more nasty than you can possibly imagine...

by: Anonymous

It is funny how people demonize psychopaths to clearly make them feel better about themselves. Some of the most horrific acts have been committed by non-psychopaths.

by: David

I have to say that I think that people who say things like this have never been a victim of a psychopath... or they are psychopathic!

by: Eliza

This is very enlightening. I think I've come across a coworker like this. We were both interns in college. He tried to sabotage me because he started a competition between us that I didn't even know I was in. Then when I tried to raise the white flag and assured him I'm not trying to take anything away from him, we were nice to each other in the general way. "Hi, how's it going?" "How was your weekend?"

He took that as a sign of interest and started groping me. I told him I was not interested in him and then he went back to the sabotaging. He is very insecure with the emotional maturity of a child.

I feel bad for him but I stay away.

No need to feel sorry for them!
by: David

Eliza, you are right to stay away.

These types make up their own rules but don't tell their victims what the rules are. This makes it very confusing for their targets and very difficult to win in such situations.

And you are spot on with the 'emotional maturity of a child' bit. They never develop the 'delayed gratification' and want things their way, and they want that instantly.

Well done for spotting what was going on!

More Scary
by: Anonymous

The only way I've found to scare a "psycho" is to be MUCH more scary. Like actually make them fear you.

Scaring psychopaths
by: David

Can you give us an example?

To Commenter Above...
by: Anonymous

"Some of the most horrific crimes were committed by non psychopaths". Really? You just made that up didn't you? Statistically and scientifically speaking, American prisons are made up of about 20% Psychopaths. They are responsible for committing the most heinous crimes.

David doesn't know what he's talking about
by: Anonymous

I'm an actual psychopath. We are not monsters, and we do have things higher on our priorities than manipulate for no reason. I don't have victims, and I follow rules, otherwise I wouldn't process the fact that I'm a psychopath. You have partially described a sociopath, but you were still more incorrect than accurate.

-A psychopath with a degree in Psychology

False logic
by: David

Hi psychopath,

"I don't have victims, and I follow rules, otherwise I wouldn't process the fact that I'm a psychopath."

This is false logic. It doesn't necessarily follow that because you don't have victims and that you follow rules you can process that you are a psychopath.

This was never about you in his eyes.
by: Malik

Its funny to me how you think this is about you, "I scared the Psycho..." You have to realize though,this emotionless person couldn't care any less whatsoever about you. He tried, and realized it would either be a challenge, or impossible to manipulate you, so he moved on. He wasn't sad, mad, upset, or regretful about being unable to control you, he had 7 other people to do that to. You didn't do anything to him, he just does not care.

hello psychopath
by: carrmic

The psychopath thinks he has no victims. I've known him for only several sentences and already watching him trying to source targets here.

afraid of the unknown
by: Anonymous

I dated a guy who tried to manipulate me and to a degree he managed make me feel sorry for what he has suffered in the past. He charmed me and pushed himself into my life pretty fast. I started to realise after 6 weeks of dating that this guy was deluded and I backed off. Then he told me he was in love with me and would try his hardest to have me back, I gave into him then after two weeks I realised I made a mistake and told him I didn't believe a word he said and that I want to be left alone. He verbally abused me and cursed me for playing with his feelings and also threatened me. I now don't know whether he has stayed away because he's moving on or is he plotting his revenge. I'm a little scared can someone please give me their option on whether he us likely to make a come back.

Hi there!
by: David

It's probable that he realizes that he hadn't caught you, hence the verbal abuse when you said you wanted to be left alone. He didn't have to keep up the charm anymore and he let the mask slip.

He will know that to come back and try and catch you again will be a lot of work and he most likely has gone off in search of an easier target.

That's not to say he won't call again, just to see what happens.

Obviously, it's best to never speak to him again.

what's really funny...
by: Anz

... is that David is so correct and psychos are trying so hard to gaslight the readers and excuse themselves. Awww, how cute. And I've seen it a billion times, with the exact same words.

Guidance please
by: Anonymous

Being physically present is key.. but what kind of wording would you use if over social media. There is a big fish that needs to be reeled in. He has too much influence over people and either causing financial ruin or delusions of hope.

Thank you in advance.

Hungry like the wolf Cornell University
by: David

Search for the above and you will find a study of the social media posts by psychopaths. It explains how they are motivated by such things as food and shelter more than higher order needs.

But be careful about getting into a power struggle with a psychopath if you don't have a lot of resources!

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