how i was conned by a psychopath

by Gailann
(Box Hill, Melbourn)

He used insults about my looks, saying the same thing each week. It was like groundhog day.

I started to say no to this and withdraw, but he chased me up constantly, with lovely flowers and apologies for what he had said. Then he seemed to pound me with even more insults.

I was a crying wreck and worn down. I felt body pain like I had been hit. I felt sick all the time with nausea which never ended. He often threatened to beat me up and said that some one will be dead in my garage.

I took a final leap and said no more. Then I realized he was hooked into my phone account. I was paying for his calls! I notified the phone company to get him off, which has just rebooted.

It's now December, I feel cut off from any one.

Since August of this year I have had some one coming in my home and leaving black boot marks all over my living room floor, putting crabs in my bed, etc. etc. The list just goes on. He has gadgets to turn my heater on and off which has put an error in it.

I realized he had listening devices in my home. He has followed me to my work where he befriended the teenagers I work with. He wanted them to steal his ex-wife's car to get even with her, to bring her down like me, for leaving him.

How can you stay with a nasty demeaning person?

Like Robert Hare says about the eyes, he has really big black eyes which are frightening. And a very bullying way... I feel for the comical, hard working man but he is a thief and a compulsive lier.

I used to go to AA in Australia Melbourne but I came to see a lot of nastiness in which AA is not meant to be like. I notice a lot of degrading words towards people who are vulnerable with depression. And three women there committed suicide. I believe they where harassed just like I was, provoked to the end.

This is for Sara who was mutilated by a psychopath in Nov 2012. She befriended the wrong man who harassed her on facebook and was set up at the end by some other men who helped him to murder her.

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Well done!
by: David


Thanks for writing. I know it takes a lot of courage!!

It concerns me that you say that you still 'feel for him'. It suggests that you have not undone the mind control he subjected you to.

I am delighted that you have been able to put distance between him and you but it sounds like it has not finished.

Have you worked with a psychologist, an expert in this area? I think it would be very valuable for you, not only to be free of this man but also so that you are not vulnerable to the next psychopath that finds you.

If I can help in any way, please write to me on the contact page on this site.

Thanks again for writing and best wishes.




About getting help
by: David

Hi Linda,

If you contact me via the contact page we can organize something for you.


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