How someone nearly began to control every single aspect of my life.

It all started a few years ago. I was in a very, very vulnerable position then.

I was told by some of my mates that this person would have answers to my problems. And so, I went to them. They offered a solution, it seemed harmless, because it was. And then if I remember correctly, right before I left the person, they said "You should have come to me earlier, this would have saved all the trouble."

I tried new things. But a few months later, everything started going downhill again.

I remembered the person's words and called them up. This time it was a bit different. It was as if the person "knew" me, like really knew me. What my interests and my likes were, some peculiar traits that only a few people who were really close to me knew. I didn't realize or give any importance to this back then.

We met up, started talking on Facebook. This person became kind of a Tyler Durden figure in my life. They were like the other half of me. The person I wished I could be. And this person, had my Facebook password. I know how stupid this sounds now, but they said that it was just for a game request. God, I feel like a complete idiot now.

This person became a central figure in my life. They would send screenshots of people being angry one moment on Facebook messages and after they talk to them for a while, the same person would become completely calm and meek. I thought that all this was really cool back then. So then I introduced this person to my "friends" (I figured out that most people I called "friends" weren't really my friends).

Soon afterwards, each person one by one, they started calling me names, putting me down in public, insulting me. These are things they never did before. This was all only when the manipulator was around, if they weren't, things were okay. They tried to please their master, I think.

I somehow managed to get out of the mess I created with the help of my family. I still remember the amount of guilt-trippings, the emotional blackmails. God... I feel so angry now.

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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It's not your fault
by: David

Hi there,

First off, that was not a mess you created. I know you may feel like you made certain decisions, but when there are psychopaths and mind control involved, there are influences in play that are outside your awareness which means that many of your decisions are actually directed by the manipulator and the responsibility lies with them.

The second thing is your description of how this person seemed to really know you and in this way becomes a central figure in your life. Remember the general rule is: if something or someone seems too good to be true, it probably is.

And thirdly, the internet and social media is a real boon for the manipulators. People need to be very careful there.

Anyway, well done for getting out and learn more about mind control so that you don't get caught again!

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