Is My Family Member a Psychopath?

by Cindy

Several years ago, I met a family member. We seemed to have a lot in common, even tho we did not grow up together. He was fun to be around, charming, generous.

Soon after we met, he started talking about how he had been abused as a child. Later I discovered he hadn't spoke to his mother in 10 years. Denied her a visit on her death bed. He was fired from his job. Divorced after 1 year of marriage. Drugs and alcohol abuse.

He repeatedly goes weeks without answering my calls or messages.

I recently lost my mom, and his response was, "What about me? I was abused as a child." He seems to have no compassion. He wanted a family member to name their child after him! And was mad when this didn't happen.

He lies. He is unable to keep up with his lies.

He will make plans with you, and then, just not show up. No phone call or anything.

He called me once, just to tell me that he got a new phone number, and I couldn't have it! Also, he called just to tell me that he was taking another family member to lunch, and I was NOT invited!

What is wrong with someone who intentionally tries to hurt you?

I have decided to cut ties with this family member, but it may be difficult, because we are still connected by family.

My instincts tells me that he could possibly be dangerous. Other family members have seen his evil ways also. I do have support in that way.

What is the best way to handle someone like this?

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Fits the profile
by: David


This person certainly fits the profile of a psychopath.

And even if he is not, the best way to deal with a person who thinks it's ok to lie, say one thing and do another, deliberately do hurtful things and so on, is to have no dealings with them.

Every time you have contact with someone like this you are giving them an opportunity to take advantage of you, abuse you or hurt you.

You have already managed for years not knowing this person, you will do just fine without him and the drama and chaos he has imposed on your life.

And once other family members see you taking such a stance, it might encourage them to do the same!

As well as having no contact with this person, it would be useful, too, to learn about mind control to undo the pseudopersonality that this person has created in you.

Embrace Your Support System
by: Anonymous

I agree. You don't need this person in your life--family or no. Relationships are built on trust and respect, neither of which you're receiving from this guy. Don't let him manipulate you. Instead embrace your support system.



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