Jealous Scorned Entity

by Wonder Woman
(El Paso TX)

Yes, indeed... there are evil people in this world...

I currently have a female psychopath that is currently in my life... it all started when the "SO CALLED LOVE OF HER LIFE" dumped her for me... its not my fault she is a cheap *(@#$...

She is so jealous of me... with her every breath she is being envious of me... on a daily basis she tries to hurt or destroy my property. Recently I discovered her name... "Jealous Jessica" and she even has two sidekicks "Sylvia" and "Luis"...

Poor little Jessica is living a tormented life... she has gone as far as to keep spotters at work to watch my every move... even when I visit the ladies room... just yesterday on my day off... her posse managed to mess up my car again... every dent I have on my car is due to the three musketeers...

I guess they are afraid to hurt me so they take it out on my property... I have attempted to obtain aid from the authorities but she manages to convince them that I am just being crazy... what a perfect cover up... she has friends in low and high places... so its a losing battle...

I do NOT ALLOW HER TO HINDER MY HAPPINESS... she is the miserable party... and will continue until her dying day...

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Well spotted!
by: David

I´m glad you recognize the situation for what it is!

Just remember that sociopaths have nothing else to do in life but manipulate others, so continue to take care and do what you need to do to protect yourself.

Get out ASAP
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you work with this woman. Based on your description of her, I would suggest looking for another job. You can be strong until the cows come home but if she has a "posse" and is determined to make your life a living hell she can inflict a lot of damage. Everyone has a breaking point. Life is too short to have to look over your shoulder all the time. Don't think of it as her having the upper hand, it is about you getting to safety and not having to worry anymore.

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