Make A Career Change Writing


If you'd think you'd like to make a career change writing, you can! If you want to keep your job and write your own web site, you can do that, too!

Before you go further...

But there are some things you need to know before you get to the end of this page.

This is not for you, if you:

  • are not interested in having a web site in the top 1% in the world
  • don't have a brain and you're not motivated
  • don't want to learn how the Internet actually works
  • say you want to make a career change writing, but you haven't really made a decision to write
  • don't want to have full control over your own site, your income and your life
  • are not interested in having all the tools to build a successful web site in one place
  • don't want free support from like-minded people
  • want to pay more than $300 per year for a site and all the tools you could possibly need

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Still reading?

Great! Because $300 per year is all it costs to have a web site similar to this one.


Complexity in simplicity

I choose to have mine not particularly flashy and there is very little 'eye candy'. But guess what? It works! You're here, aren't you? Chances are you found this website using the search engines. And that's how I get most of my traffic.

Because I have written this with two things in mind. You, the reader, and the search engines.


My situation

I had not planned to create a web site myself, but when I realized that I could write about the things I was passionate about, have people all over the world find me easily, and have them come to me, I made the decision and grabbed the opportunity!


And yours...

Now perhaps you had in mind to write, for example, a book. Would it be of interest to you to have hundreds of people every day coming to your web site with some of them buying your book this way?

I'll take that as a yes...

As far as I can tell, it doesn't really matter what somebody's passion is, it's possible to build a web site for it. A site that works! A site that attracts lots of free traffic!!

Start when you like

An important factor here is that you can start to make a career change while you're still in your present career. This means that you can start earning money in your new job before you leave the old one. Because you can start building the web site in your spare time.

If you are making a decision to make a career change writing, then this is an ideal opportunity. Because these websites are built as content rich sites. That means you write your own copy (and lots of it!) So when you make a career change writing, or even when you make a career change copy writing, it means that you're writing from the start.

Well, that's not quite true! It makes sense to read and learn something about this whole process as a first step to make a career change writing.


More info?

And here's are links to other pages on the Sitesell web site, a videotour of Sitesell, results of other people's sites and the very core of what SBI! is about!

And sure, I get a few dollars if you sign up! But I'm serious that you only pay $300 per year. For everything! Even if you don't build a web site, it's worth reading a few pages of their site to understand the details of how the internet and the search engines actually work.

To your success!

I hope things go well for you if you make a career change writing... And if you have any questions, please Contact Us...

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