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Mind Control Movies

Mind control movies on the increase?

It seems that there are more and more mind control movies nowadays. It's probably a reflection of the growing awareness of the damage being done by psychopaths and manipulators in our society today. And of course, the more extreme psychopaths, the serial killers and rapists, sell tickets at cinemas.

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Some movies demonstrate very well the nature of psychopaths, others demonstrate the effects of mind control and still others illustrate how life is for the members of a destructive sect. Here are some examples of each.


Mind control movies - psychopaths

Edward Norton plays a psychopath in "Stone", who manipulates the prison psychologist (Robert DeNiro) into making mistakes and letting him go free, He even gets his wife to seduce the psychologist!

Terrence Malick's "Badlands" has Martin Sheen playing the role of a psychopath, killing his girlfriend's father and then going on the run. Of particular interest, however, is Sissy Spacek's role of the girlfriend. Notice in particular the lack of emotion after the death of father and frequently, while she is commenting in the background, she talks about all sorts of highly emotional things without the faintest emotion in her voice.

"I, Psychopath" is a great movie about a self-proclaimed psychopath who wants to be tested to confirm if he's a psychopath or not. You will learn a lot about how psychopaths think and function from this film. He's even caught on camera insulting and abusing the interviewer, one of the typical methods used in mind control. You can watch the movie free here

Another free movie is "Fishead" which examines the role psychopathy plays in the current financial crisis in the world. There are two issues here. One is the psychopaths themselves who are in positions of leadership. The second is the role of antidepressants in causing a lack of empathy in decision makers. You can watch it here (sign up is free).

"The Devils Double" is another great movie about a man who was forced to be the double of Hussein's son. In this you can see the childish, impetuous nature of a psychopath, with the desire for instant gratification. Also obvious is the sudden temper, the viciousness, the sexual delinquency and the total lack of respect for others that is typical of psychopaths.

"The Last King of Scotland" is another fantastic portrayal of a psychopath by Forest Whitaker. There are a lot of examples of the sudden changes of mood, one moment being friendly, the next moment aggressive and threatening, in order to control and manipulate. Highly recommended!


Mind control movies - sects

"Red State" is about three teens looking for sex who get caught up in a fundamentalist religious sect who kill sexual deviants. A lot of interesting things here about the mind-set of group members including the conflicts they sometimes have. The FBI's handling of this sect is also of interest in this movie!

"Los Esclavos Felices" is a movie that was supervised by Alfredo Silletta, a well-known anti-sect journalist. This is a brilliant portrayal of the recruitment and indoctrination in a sect. It is a Spanish movie, but it's well worth a look if you want to understand how sects function. To someone who has not been in a sect it may seem a bit far-fetched, but ex-members of sects will recognize a lot of what happens in the movie.

"The Island" is about people in a sheltered environment waiting for their turn in a lottery to be able to go to the island. It turns out that they are clones grown for the organ spares of their 'owners'. The bounded reality of the sect is depicted here very well.

In a similar vein there is "The Village" 2004, "Demolition Man" 1993, "The Truman Show" 1998 and "The 13th Floor", 1999. In Demolition Man, pay special attention to the language and how it has been curtailed in order to limit the thinking and actions of the people. This is called 'loaded language' in cults.

Mind control movies - the effects

"The Wave" is a German movie where a teacher tries to create the experience of life in a dictatorship for his students. It demonstrates nicely the effects of group pressure on individuals and how quickly people can change their beliefs and ideals.

"Dogville" is a brutal demonstration of firstly, how people can be manipulated to treat others badly, and secondly, how somebody in a vulnerable position can be captured by a group and subjected to all sorts of horrors. This movie is not recommended for people in a very sensitive state of mind.

"1984" George Orwell's classic tale of life in a totalitarian environment. Timeless!

"Bridesmaids" (2011). Not strictly a movie about mind control but it displays the isolation that can occur as a result of mind control. The main character is the chief bridesmaid organizing a friend's wedding. Another friend wants the job and sets about to discredit the main character, and does so as well as any good psychopath!

(It turns out she's not actually a psychopath, she does feel guilt and remorse. However, the first half of the movie is a good demonstration of the devastating effects of a psychopath at work.)

Anthony Hopkins deserves a mention in any list of mind control movies. In "The Road to Wellville" he plays the eccentric leader of a health spa, which is essentially a parody of a health and fitness sect. He also plays the lead role in the famous Hannibal Lecter series, which is about a psychopathic serial killer.

And the recent TV series "Homeland" is not only very entertaining, it demonstrates many of the aspects of emotional manipulation used by psychopaths to control others, as well as the extent to which victims of mind control can be manipulated (I will say no more in order not to spoil it!)


Entertainment and education

This is just a short list and it seems that there are many other mind control movies being turned out today. The manipulators seem to have captured evn the interest of movie makers and theatre goers!!

We are going to have to find a way to deal with the damage and destruction that psychopaths cause. At the moment society and the legal system are not sufficiently organized to deal with what is happening. Mind control movies are not only entertaining but they help to increase awareness of the problem and shows people that psychopath does not always mean 'serial killer'. In fact, it is estimated that about 1% of the population today are psychopaths!

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