Basic Mind Control Tools -
And How They Are Used

Let's have a look at some of the most basic mind control tools, remembering, however, that they are tools. And tools themselves are neither good nor bad, but... they can be used for good or evil. Elsewhere we will examine in more detail how they are used in combination to create the particular changes that occur in destructive mind control.

The particular mind control tools we will examine here are

  • Words
  • Tools to control emotions
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Meditation
  • Body manipulations



It might seem strange to mention words as one of the mind control tools, but they are probably the most basic tools used by manipulators. Not many people find themselves under the influence of mind control without having heard a few words that have influenced their decision making and beliefs!

A very important point to remember here is that con artists, psychopaths, cult leaders, and other manipulators do not necessarily use fancy or convoluted language. They will typically use common, everyday words and if you listen to them it usually sounds like a normal conversation. This is what makes them so dangerous. They don't sound like snake oil salesmen, they sound like normal people.

As an aside, psychopaths do often come up with strange words, or strange combinations of words, but most people will not notice these because psychopaths are often creating a display, a show, for their victims, and the combination of mind control tools they are using distract their victims so they don't notice slight irregularities in the language. If you do spot odd things in someone's language it may be an indicator that all is not right!

So basically, it's a myth that mind control uses special, secret words known only to a few.


Mind control tools to control emotions

Emotional manipulation is a vital aspect to any mind control or thought reform program. Changing our emotions changes our thinking and our decision making. Therefore manipulators make use of whatever they can to control and manipulate emotions in others. Obviously, words are important here.

But psychological studies have shown that such things as tone of voice, gestures and other non-verbal aspects play an important role in communication.

So what happens when someone talks to us as if they were a parent, in a 'fatherly' tone of voice? Chances are it will affect our attitude, our sense of liking the person, and our emotions!

And what about how adults physically touch children? The relatives who pinch the kids' cheeks, the friend of the parents who meets the family in the street and tousles the child's hair. The parent who cups the child's chin in their hand while talking lovingly into their face. Or the way a father rests his hand on the back of his young son's neck.

Manipulators may be very aware of these things and in an instant can transport another adult back to childhood with the associated emotions of love and security, simply by replicating these gestures.

Robert Cialdini studied professional manipulators (salesmen, advertisers etc) and he describes six “weapons of influence" that he believes work in every society in the world. They are reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, likeability, authority and scarcity.

He realized that these manipulators were doing things to control others emotions, for example, create a sense of obligation in others, or create a fear of loss, or make people feel a sense of subservience to authority. The important thing here is that most people are unaware of what was going on. These weapons of influence work outside of people's normal consciousness. This makes them incredibly powerful.

Unethical manipulators make full use of these mind control tools to influence and control their victims. Again, we're not talking about ancient, mystical techniques here. Information about controlling emotions is freely available on the Internet. And you can be sure that manipulators the world over are reading it!

Another way to change somebody's emotions is to change your own first. If you're happy, it will have an influence. If you are angry, it has a different effect. Psychopaths, who have very shallow emotions, if it all, (for example, they never experience guilt or remorse) often have no trouble feigning emotions. For them, it's one of their mind control tools that they will use to create emotional bonds with others.

This is by no means a complete list, and any other methods you can think of to control emotions has the potential to be used as mind control tools.


NLP is defined as the study of the structure of subjective human experience. Basically, it studies how people make pictures in their minds eye, talk to themselves, and have feelings. What it gives us is a set of tools that we can use in communication.

For example, people make different mental pictures for the following phrases, "I have to…", “I must…", “I need to…" and “I should…". NLP explains how some people are predominantly visual, and they will use phrases like 'I see', 'It looks to me…', 'I can't picture it…'. Others are more auditory, using phrases such as 'Talk to me about…'  'I hear you' and 'I told myself…' and so on. Using similar phrases with someone builds rapport. Using different phrases, for example, visual words with a predominantly auditory person, can impede communication.

In terms of influence, it offers a very powerful set of tools. It is possible to directly influence beliefs and decision making as well as change personal history with NLP.

There is no suggestion here that “NLP is a sect". However, many sects use the tools available in NLP as mind control tools. Why? Because they work!

Many authors have noted that sects are more sophisticated nowadays because they are using the technologies that have been developed in recent decades. NLP is one of those technologies. And, like mind control, the best way to protect yourself from it is to understand something about how it works.


Hypnosis is another of the mind control tools used frequently in sects. In fact, NLP has models and descriptions of how hypnosis works, and thanks to NLP, hypnosis is readily learnable and usable by almost anybody nowadays.

It's useful to know what hypnosis is and how cults use hypnotic mind control tools...


In the East meditation was originally done with the master closely supervising the student, watching for side effects and providing tailored routines to avoid any damage. In cults and sects, such supervision is usually non-existent. In fact, any unpleasant side-effects are often reinterpreted and the person is told to meditate even more to overcome them.

Relaxation induced anxiety is a recognized phenomenon today, and it occurs in some people who try to meditate. The symptoms include distressing sensations such as feeling heavy, light, hot or cold; numbness; muscle jerks, spasms and restlessness; palpitations; sudden bursts of sadness, rage, joy or sexual feelings. Relaxation induced anxiety often occurs in beginners of meditation.

People who meditate for longer periods, months or years, may suffer from a different range of symptoms including blackouts, anxiety attacks, memory difficulties, altered states where they lose contact with reality or with themselves, seizures, visual hallucinations and also inappropriate bursts of emotion. It seems that the severity of these symptoms is often related to the duration of meditation.

Remember, meditation itself is not good or bad. Many people do benefit in many ways from meditation. Cults use it as one of their mind control tools because

  • it is a great way to stop independent critical thinking
  • advanced practitioners are very suggestible
  • and are unable to make their own decisions
  • cults can sell a never-ending stream of ever more expensive courses.


Body manipulations

This is one of the mind control tools that is often overlooked, and it comes in various forms.

For example, any pain caused by manipulating different parts of the body can be reinterpreted so that the person comes to believe they have to change to get rid of the pain in that area. One ex-member was told that the pain in his lower back that occurred when somebody pressed their elbow hard into the area was due to the attachment to his family and he should distance himself from them.

Pressing on somebody's eyeballs create sensations of flashing lights. This may be interpreted as “seeing the light" or "divine light". Plugging your ears with your fingers causes a buzzing sound which can be similarly reinterpreted.

Repetitive body movements, swaying, clapping with chanting, and spinning will alter states of consciousness. Being dizzy is a good way to stop somebody from thinking critically and making decisions for themselves! Adding a bit of hyperventilation from prolonged exercise means they can think even less and may feel euphoric about it!!

Even dancing and singing along with current popular songs has been used as one of many mind control tools in many cults. When people are singing and dancing, they are not thinking critically.

Learn more...

Read more about cult tactics and cult psychology and more specifically how cults use these mind control tools in their different techniques to control the members...

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