Mind Control Victims:
What Are The Vulnerabilities That Make Any Of Us Susceptible?


The damage and destruction done to mind control victims can be immense. The experts in mind control suggest that everyone is vulnerable. But nobody willingly joins a cult or goes looking for a relationship with a psychopath. And yet many people are caught everyday. So how does this happen? What makes us vulnerable?

The vulnerabilities of mind control victims can be broadly classified as either societal or personal.


Societal factors

In many countries there is little or no legislation against mind control. It seems the lawmakers are not interested, judges and lawyers don't understand it and the police are not trained to recognize it.

More than one psychopath has been released only to kill or rape again, and more than one psychopath has charmed and lied his way out of the courtroom, or used the courts to silence his critics, in order to continue abusing his mind control victims.

Some countries are beginning to recognize that cults and psychopaths are causing so much damage that they have begun to take active steps against them. (Between one and 4% of the population fit the profile of a psychopath and psychopaths are responsible for more than 50% of major crimes.)



I mention psychopaths here because they are responsible for much of the destructive mind control that occurs in our society. Of course, not everyone engaged in mind control is a psychopath and not every psychopath is successful in mind control.

Another important consideration is that psychopaths will compete for positions of power. And as judges, politicians and bankers they have considerable influence over what happens in society.

And coincidentally(!) many of the characteristics of psychopaths are now considered talents in our society. Self-confidence, charisma, ability to make decisions and take charge, getting other people to do what you want, are seen as leadership qualities.

The psychopath's coercion and manipulation can easily be mistaken for these qualities and they are often hired into positions of influence within organizations.

And the organizations today where there are rapid changes and mergers, a fast pace, high-risk-high-profit environments, with few constraints or rules, are ideal hunting grounds for psychopaths. Here they have a chance not just to manipulate people but to manipulate the whole organization! The mind control victims are not just their co-workers and bosses, but the whole system.


Personal vulnerabilities

Let's have a look at the personal factors that, when present, make people susceptible to becoming mind control victims.

  • Not understanding how mind control works
  • Thinking 'it will never happen to me'
  • Not understanding psychopaths or sociopaths/ people with no conscience

People who know nothing about mind control are targets for psychopaths. Those who think that they are not susceptible are actually much easier targets for psychopaths!

Mind control victims who have undone the effects with a professional, do understand these things and are much more able to spot the danger signals. They are unlikely to be caught again.

People who have been mind control victims and do not undo the effects are even more vulnerable to being conned by the next manipulator who meets them, because the manipulators recognize people who have been traumatized before!


We are all basically good?

  • Thinking there is good in everyone
  • Believing everybody can change
  • Having incorrect ideas about the type of relationship we can expect
  • Ignoring the indicators of violence (be it mental, psychological, emotional or physical)
  • Ignoring our intuition
  • Not wanting to believe that there are evil people in the world.

Many mind control victims have stayed victims for a long time because of these beliefs and the lack of awareness or action. On top of this...

  • Normal people are not used to trickery, deceit and manipulation. Psychopaths are.
  • People tend to blame themselves or often get depressed when tricked, instead of fighting back.

We often don't know how to respond to being ill-treated. Too often we politely excuse and justify behavior that is actually inexcusable.


Turning points and times of stress

At points of major change in people's lives they are very vulnerable to being influenced. Many mind control victims have been captured in these moments. Similarly with periods of general discontent.

Such things include:

  • At times of low self-esteem, a relationship breakup, failing in exam, losing a job etc.
  • Lack of life purpose or meaning
  • Difficulties adapting socially or making friends
  • Feeling lonely
  • Being generally dissatisfied with life
  • A low tolerance of frustration or uncertainty


Positive traits?

And interestingly, many mind control victims have been caught because of

  • Naive idealism
  • A desire to take care of others
  • Seeking spirituality
  • High regard for authority

Here, the manipulators take advantage of whatever they can, including 'strengths' or characteristics often considered good, in order to abuse their mind control victims.



  • Being in a state of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Difficulty saying no, expressing doubts or asking questions
  • Substance abuse
  • Susceptibility to altered states of consciousness
  • Dependent and superstitious types
  • Discontentment with society
  • Wanting black and white answers and wanting them now
  • Preoccupation with what other people think of oneself

Also make people vulnerable and open to being mind control victims.

Can you say that none of these things on this page have never applied to you? That's why each and every one of us is vulnerable and it is highly likely that each of us will cross paths with a psychopath at least once in our lifetime!


What the experts say...

The experts agree that there is not one personality that is more vulnerable to mind control. Everybody has times of crisis in their life, and these moments are used by manipulators to flatter, help, advise and form relationships with people who become their next victims.

Sociopaths are experts in reading people and working out needs, desires, weaknesses and even strengths. And they know how to use these to manipulate people's emotions. And once they've got the emotions going, well, then you're in a relationship with a sociopath…

People need to learn about the characteristics of a psychopath, about mind control and how to stop it in order not to become mind control victims… But even then there is no guarantee!

Expert psychologists understand that they can still be tricked, even when they know the person in front of them is a psychopath!

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