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Below is a collection of mind control videos demonstrating the extremes people can be taken to by the use of mind control. If you are learning about cults because you think a family member or friend may be involved, or you have left a cult or a cultic relationship (one-to-one) and are educating yourself as part of your recuperation, hopefully these mind control videos will be educational for you!

Movies with elements of mind control here


End of the world cult

This documentary about a doomsday cult is very well done. The leader has allowed a camera crew to enter the compound and speak to the members. They believe the world is going to end soon on a particular date.

Listen carefully to what the interviewer says, because not only does he express the thoughts of the general public about cults, but he also asks some very interesting questions.

Below are some comments as to what to look out for while you watch it. Of course, there may be other things that catch your attention, too!

Notice in the first 10 minutes the unquestioning devotion and gratitude expressed by the members to their leader. Typically the cult doctrine is such that members are programmed to accept whatever the leaders say.

And as for the leader himself, the usual story is that they've managed to overcome terrible hardships in their childhood. In fact, they become superhuman. It's interesting, too, that he admits that he finds humans disgusting. This is a common trait in cult leaders. They consider themselves superior and those around them are simply objects to be used.

Notice the mask-like appearance of the two 'devoted' women. And the leader explains that they simply left their home, he did not order it. We'll see more of this later in the other mind control videos in this series.

His having sex with other people's wives was not his fault. It's god's responsibility! Shifting the blame outside themselves is a constant in cult leaders.

And he has such control over some of the teenagers that they are prepared to leave their parents.


In the second 10 minutes, note that the leaders son will not discuss difficult issues without consulting with his leader. Notice the unwavering conviction of the cult members that what they are doing is right. And the 'us versus them' mentality. Even an ex-member has become like the devil.

Remember that mind control is a process. It takes time and it goes one step at a time. The interviewer points out that these people spent 10 years with the leader before he announced he was the Messiah. To have said this at the start of the 10 years would probably have been too much. But 10 years of daily mind control and they will accept whatever he says.

When the issue of being naked with the teenagers comes up, the leader is very quick to want to give his side and even puts the responsibility on the interviewer for not having mentioned it previously.

Notice in particular what happens from 15:30 onwards.

This girl's explanation of what happened is a great example of an indirect directive. Cult leaders may not give direct orders. They can always say later on they were not telling people what to do. However they make suggestions or implications, in this case written in a particular way.

Remember that for cult members, the doctrine acts as the master program directing their thinking and decision making. And of course the doctrine is a reflection of the thinking of the leader. The young girl reads what he has written and 'somehow' just knows what she needs to do.

She believes that she has decided. Nobody forced her to do it. And when we believe we are making our own decisions they last longer and have a more profound effect on our behavior.

And even the part where she says the leader paused to think about her question, she interprets this as his listening for the answer of God. It was actually quite a slick move on his part. Simple but powerful in the context of mind control.

The interview with the leader in the third 10 minutes of this mind control video demonstrates many of the characteristics of such people. The egocentricity, the superiority, the lies and changing the rules as they go along.

The reality of cult members is narrowed by the doctrine. The ability to think critically is seriously curtailed. The unfortunate young boy in this section is a prime example of this. In fact, not only can he not think critically, sometimes it seems that he can't even think!

The leader needs to explain himself again! Watch the son in the next part of the video. He seems to be desperate, unable to reconcile what his father is doing. (Psychopaths have no concern for anybody, including family.)

When people leave a cult, and do not undo the mind control (preferably with the help of a professional), it leaves them very vulnerable. They may end up back in the cult, or very commonly, end up in another destructive group (of course they don't realize that's a cult either!)

Of interest, too, is how the leader begins to redefine what's going to happen on the appointed date. He also redefines what brainwashed means.

Notice the attitude of the youngsters sitting on the bench with him. Yes they are young, but the behavior is very childlike. This is very often seen in adults who are very manipulated when they are around their leader.

Then we see more of the complete devotion of the members as well as a firm belief that they're making their own decisions.

Cult leaders are typically 'anti-system'. Likewise here in these mind control videos.

Typical, too, is the belief of the members that the cult leader is doing it for them together with his claim of self-sacrifice.

Notice the stare when the leader is being challenged. It has been compared to a reptile staring at its prey. Remember, no conscience!

And then the date and time of the prophecy arrives…

We don't find out how the leader reframed what happened but it's not unusual in these types of cults for the members to continue to remain devoted to their leader afterwards.

This is a marvelous series of mind control videos that demonstrate very nicely some of the horrific things that happen inside destructive groups.

Shortly after the documentary aired on TV, the leader's son put this video up on the internet. It is another nice example of the bounded reality of cult members. And what an interesting way to keep his father away from his wife.


Children born in cults

This series of mind control videos contain the video suicide note of Ricky Rodriguez. He was born in the cult and was being groomed to take over as the leader. He tried to kill the leaders before taking his own life.

They include interviews with other ex-members and explain very well the abuse going on in this cult. And now and then there are clues that Ricky is still 'manipulated' and has not totally undone the mind control that he experienced.

(With this video and the next, I have only embedded the first one in the series. If you want to watch more of them, click on 'youtube' at the bottom right of the video and it will take you to a youtube page. You can then select the second in the series and so on.)


22 years

This Irishman spent 22 years in his destructive group. In this series of 16 mind control videos he explains in detail how he was recruited, the mind control tactics the group use and how eventually he managed to leave. Well worth the time.


Videos of experts

Madeline Tobias, the author of several books about recovering from cults, features in these three mind control videos. In the first two, she talks herself about her experience in the different cults she was in. In the third she interviews a man who was caught up in a destructive group for 17 years. He is very articulate and explains things very well.

Update: unfortunately they have disappeared from Google videos but are worth searching for.


Jesus Camp

This documentary about an evangelical church shows the effects of mind control on a group of children. After the documentary aired, the leader announced she was closing the camp because of negative public reaction. She was afraid of vandalism to the premises. However, she is apparently looking for another site to continue her 'work'.

This documentary is difficult to track down now buy you will find some clips here.


God's Next Army

Public commitments, public confessions, double agendas, redefinition of words, loaded language, control of behavior, information, thoughts and emotions, it's all here.

This is the first of 6 parts...


A whole country

And this video shows that it's possible to have a whole country under the influence of mind control and what it's like.


One more

How to become a cult leader. This is actually how it happens!



There are many other mind control videos available on video sites on the internet. I have chosen these ones because they demonstrate very nicely a lot of the important aspects of mind control.

Mind control is also appearing more and more in movies nowadays as well. Read about a few of them here...

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