Mother is a Sexual Predator / Psychopath

by anonymous

The story I would like to share is the sick story of how my biological mother, a psychopath, was able to successfully rape me and nearly murder my father who tried to protect me.

As the article I read said, most people assume that women are good and nurturing people. In my case I was stuck with a psychopathic, non empathetic woman who would later almost murder my father and sexually assualt me, with the attraction beginning when I was in the 5th grade.

She was the adopted kid of an unknown person. She was violent and aggressive and sexually experienced by 17 and although she told my father she was a virgin, I don't believe she was. She was and is a lesbian by nature and only uses men to manipulate them out of their money and then do what she pleases behind their back.

She fully sexually assaulted me by the first year of high school and drugged me too. She raped me again at 16 when she found out I was working at a dude ranch and then at 18 when I left for the military, in a hotel room. Her final rape was when I was 24 and she almost got caught that time because I was in a relationship when she did that and she must not have realized that I had grown up.

She was never arrested although in all instances she used an illegal controlled narcotic substance. She learned to use narcotics on unsuspecting people when she joined the mafia as my father was threatening to kill her to try to protect me. She came in the home with the narcotics behind her back and blasted my dad, then took me out of school for 85 days.

She then became a teacher and drugged the kids she taught who were not able to speak. She was never arrested for any of these crimes and lives a comfortable life both in Florida and Long Island where she splits her time.

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What a nightmare! But all too real...
by: David

Thanks for writing.

To those who are not familiar with psychopaths, stories like these can seem extraordinary but the sad fact is that this stuff happens more than society cares to admit.

I hope you have received help from someone who specializes in this kind of thing so as not to be caught by psychopaths again.

And remember that none of what happened was your fault. Absolutely none of it.

I hope things have improved for you and that your life is very different now.


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