My 3 years of deception??? Make that 7!!!

I don't think I ever was going to escape mind control.

At age 13 my mother of 57 had already "locked me in" with all manner of phobias.

I thought for example that if I didn't do what she wanted, which was always abusive such as child labour, then I would cause her death!!!

She had this sickly demeanour combined with a paradoxical surprisingly strong side of her that could swear, curse, speak unprintable abuses and threaten a curse on anyone who seemed like they could oppose her.

So at age 13 I think I had a mental breakdown or something!

And also started my journey into the world of cults (or may I say occult?). My neighbour owned a cult and I sunk there first.

Then I went to high school and got mixed up with more cultic groups starting with christian unions to other various "ministries" being run by "evangelists" visiting the school.

I got into christian literature about deliverances and demons and such like stuff.

My family was nowhere.

I was a lone ranger travelling in the mystical world for 7 years!!!

By then I had met all the mystical greats of occult world; R. Brown (the deceiving woman also called R. Bailey), D Cho, R. Bonke, Osborn, M Cerullo and the one who impacted me most to a point of acquiring supernatural powers... real mystical power, not pretending to have the power... the rat called B Hinn.

I got psychical powers from Hinn when reading his book. I was mentally quite broken down by that time. But I cannot be mistaking this... during the prayers in the christian union, at the university 2nd year then, I would get called up to "lay hands" and pray for some people and they would fall down.

I have no explanation why that would happen. I since gave up those powers when I started doubting the experiences and actively worked to get rid of them.

Anyhow, that happened quite a while ago.
Its now 21 years later.
For that period of time I struggled a lot with various mental illnesses and depressions.

I have made tremendous recovery and I think now I have given up on my family. Everyone there is some kind of psychopath. I just saw my eldest sister last Saturday. She now owns a cult of her own and is aiming to build a church instead of renting. We talked a few moments and I feel quite sure i will not be talking to her for the rest of my life.

She has this incredible psychopathic life that I do not feel obligated to give any more attention to.

My mother died 5 years ago. I was still undergoing mental reconstitution.

I did not attend her burial. Like I told my sister last Saturday... I do not or did not grieve for her. I don't think I ever will. I think she was some kind of stranger in my life.

My relationships have been like seeking for the worst women I could find. It took me a veeeery long time to realise I was entertaining bad women in my life. The book "Women Who Love Too Much" was tremendously useful for me to attempt to understand my relationships.

I have a child with one of the bad women I met.
She caused so much conflict I have banned her from calling me on the phone. I meet and interact with the child after school.

The child has already had some big moments of confusion and abuse from her sociopath mother.

- Told her how I am like a bad monster and the child should never say where they stay. So my small 4 year old girl blurts out "I do not know where we stay".

- Told her that I am her grandfather and not her father

- Told her I am not the father and that I am lying to the child.

- Mother breaking toys

-Mother tearing up momentos, pictures and album of child picture while saying to the child "I do not want him"

- Forcing child to call another man "dad"

Actually I had anticipated all this madness from the mother... and had taken a DNA test for the child as early as age 2. I did not want to have to spend my energy on a situation without clarity on paternity.

Not to sound weak, but I have taken a tough stand on the mother. I think she may soon crack. The interests of the child are paramount and so if she breaks down in the process of her control maneuvers its just the few eggs that break to make an omelette.

Unknown to the mother... I was ready to pay a woman to give birth to a child for me.... while she held the stereotype that men run away from children.

The point is her manipulative maneuvers amount to nothing compared with the great joy I experience every time I am with the child.

But I can definitely tell along the way the child will need therapy to help restore some balance with a crazed sociopathic mother.

Let's see how that will go.

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Psychopathic parents
by: David

What a difficult life!

It's actually common that children of psychopathic parents who do not get professional help, often end up victims in various cults and abusive relationships.

So I agree completely that your child will benefit from professional help at some stage. But that doesn't mean you can't teach her about manipulation and control straight away so that she can begin to see it as it is happening right now.

This will help to sort out many of the conflicts she has.

Well done for realizing what was going on! This is the first big step in sorting things out.

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