My Daughter Is Living With A Sociopath.

by Annie

He will be 40 on July 8th. She is 18.

I do not know when they started seeing each other. The story always changes. Just like every other lie he tells. I know it was when she was 17. After she turned 18 she said she went on a date with him. She would not answer her phone and lied at first as to what she was doing. Then she moved in with him quickly after.

That was my first clue that something was wrong. Than when we asked about him the answers were vague. First he was in his early 20's, then he was 25, then he was 29...

I started watching him and everything clicked. The secrecy. The "stares" (which are very creepy to witness.) The pity he wanted for how terrible people treated him. His ex's, the mother of his son. The woman who claims he is the father of her 15 year old daughter. The people who call him faggot. They are all CRAZY! That don't want him to be happy. They harass him, they stalk him and my daughter! They are sooo Scary! Yes he actually tried to get us to buy it. She did. Why wouldn't we? The lies never end. His family lies for him. All these stories we were told in piecemeal throughout a couple of months.

We were trying to have no reaction to him when we were around him. As you can guess, one, he made sure he had her hooked before we knew he existed, and two, he didn't like being ignored. So he pretended to be someone in his past who was concerned about my daughter via Facebook Messenger. He not only contacted me but others in his past and got us together. Yes! I know it's hard to believe, isn't it? Not really, but my daughter wouldn't believe it.

So what happened when I had proof of his lies, the birth certificate, the PPO, the texts? Exactly what he set me up for. My daughter mad at them and me. The sociopath is so over the top it is terrifying.

I did a background check and found out he was 39. When we confronted him. He completely threw her under the bus and said, "I told her I was too old for her!"

Wait, What!? I couldn't believe the audacity. It is never ending. He has been evicted, sued and never held a steady job. His own brother-in-law sued him. There is so much more of his lies, but I am sure you get the picture. We are back to ignoring him and trying to stay in contact with her. He has tried to prevent it and our contact is very limited . We just don't say anything about him and tell her we love her and she is welcome home anytime and PRAY!

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Keep giving her information...
by: David

As you can see, presenting direct evidence of lies often causes problems. It's often much more useful to present these things within the framework of mind control, because unless you are dealing directly with the aspects of mind control that are being used, it's very difficult for the victim to grasp what is going on.

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