My daughter is married to a sociopath or psycopath.

by Pat
(Boise Idaho)

My daughter has been in a relationship with a sociopath for five years.

She married him a year and a half ago. He has worked only 1 1/2 years out of that five years. Right now he's working but is not paying his share of the rent and utilities. She pays all the bills, and he refuses to move out.

Yet he still demands respect from us. I don't respect him, and I show him I don't. She is filing for divorce this week. It'll take about 6 months to finalize. She can't have him evicted because his name is on the lease until December. He plans to stay as long as he can.

I've been telling her he's a sociopath and a parasite all this time. Every time she wants to break up with him, she takes him back.

Does he have mind control over her? She texts him many times a day even though she's divorcing him. What can I do to help her? What can she do to release herself from his manipulation?

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A process of education
by: David


What you describe is typical of the parasitic lifestyle of a psychopath.

And the actions of your daughter are the results of the dependency the manipulator creates in their victims.

Currently the only way out for her is to learn about mind control, psychopaths, how she was caught, the strategies that were used against her, the effect these strategies had on her and so on. In this way, the effects of the mind control, including the dependency, disappear.

The danger in situations like this, when people do not understand mind control, is that they get caught by another psychopath. This is why some people go from one abusive relationship to another.

With psychopathic relationships, the idea that now the person is out, they should forget about it all and carry on, does not work. Without professional help they will have problems afterwards that are a direct result of the manipulation that they were subjected to. Some of their symptoms and problems disappear with time but the mind control is so profound that many problems persist if the person does not receive help.

I don't say this just to have a full client list, but because I have had clients 10, 20 and 30 years after having left a destructive relationship who are still having problems!

If I can help further, you can contact me through the contact page on the site.

Hope this helps!

I agree with David
by: Grace Peterson

Hi Pat,

I have three daughters so I can understand a mother's pain. To see your daughter manipulated this way has to be devastating. I'm so glad she's finally getting away from this selfish, manipulative human being. It sounds like there are no children so she won't have to remain in contact with him in any way.

As a survivor of a cult-like manipulator, I can attest to your daughter's need for information and counsel. There are so many ways a sociopath can push a person's buttons but once we become aware of the clever methods they use, they lose their power.

Best of luck to your daughter. I wish her a lifetime of freedom! Sincerely, Grace

Cutting the ties that bind..cut..cut...cut
by: Anonymous

It took me many years, 12... to leave my abusive husband. For me, a lot of it was that I had been blamed so much... I thought it was all my fault.

Then something 'snapped' in my mind, like a light bulb came on. I finally realized there was no change going to come over that man. He thought he was perfect about everything. I was just glad to have finally realized, it wasn't my fault... I was another one of his victims.

Maybe this is what your baby girl has to do, realize it's not her fault, she's not the one with the problem... she is just stuck with having to deal with him.

I wish her and you the very best in this situation, hopefully it can be a learning experience... not to be repeated again.

It has been for me. I will never allow myself to be treated in such a horrible way again. Good luck mommy!

It's sometimes hard to deattach ourselves from people who control us. We become dependent on them in many ways. When I finally woke up, I realized... he wasn't doing nothing but bad for me, it was no reason to want to be with him any longer.

He had an issue with me leaving, even tried to kidnap me in the back of a car... that he borrowed from his momma! They just dont want to give up that control.

Hopefully he gets the boot soon... and she'll be done with him and his kind forever!

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