My mother

by Liljan

She would be a devil, when our father wasn't at home. When he was present, she played the role of a 'perfect mother,' so our father wouldn't believe us children. She was a perfect actress!

Everything was turned upside-down in an argument. She always got the last word, so I learned not to answer her and walk away. She almost broke the door to my room, because I ignored her! I still use that weapon!

She beat my younger siblings, but pretended it never happened. I reminded her of her violent actions, and am hated for that.

She contacts people and they believe I am a terrible person - they believe I am a bitch - I have never harmed anyone, but they believe her.

I openly tell about the devil at home and the angel out in public! I write poems to cope! I have even moved to another country to keep a distance from her!

When I was a child, I defended my siblings from her and I am grateful for that. She hates me for that because I didn't allow her to be Master in her own house - as she calls it!

6 months ago my youngest brother, who is retarded, told me about the sexual abuse. We told the police and he is living close to me and our siblings. And is getting help!

I spread the word, the message: there are people out there who have no sympathy and no limits. They can harm us - therefore we need to be careful and being tolerant is not always the answer. ;)

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by: David


You are right. Not tolerating behavior from devils like this is important and we need more people like you who are prepared to speak out and expose such types.

Thanks for writing and I hope you are doing what you need to recover, too.

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