Narcissistic Quotes From Narcissists

This selection of narcissistic quotes is not about narcissism but rather quotes from narcissists. They will give you a sense of how and what narcissists think of themselves and of others.

Those from movies I have attributed, but those narcissistic quotes from real narcissists I have not.

Narcissistic quotes

"Me first, then me, then me, then me..."

"I talk a lot when I am with other people because I prefer to hear my ideas rather than theirs."

After eventually admitting that he was cheating on his girlfriend, one narcissist said "You should be happy that I am telling you the truth!"

Written in a Valentine's Day card: "Thank you for being the person I blame."

From a narcissist criticizing my website: "You couldn't decide to destroy someone you love. (I guess it's easy if you only loved yourself in them.)"

"I'm not interested in what you want. Ever!"

"A psychiatrist told me that all the slanderous filth that people spew about me may be true."

"Life equates to suffering, and causing suffering without end."

"Sometimes I say things to see what effect it has, just to amuse myself."

"Most of you are weak. You couldn't handle what it's like (to be a narcissist)."

"I like the way I see myself through your eyes."

"You've changed. You're not the person I first met. That's why I have to leave you."


Narcissistic quotes from movies

"That's enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?" - Originally published in Punch magazine in 1928 as a joke about a self absorbed actor and thereafter in other situations including the movie Beaches (1998) with Bette Midler.

"What can they tell me about you that I don't already know?" Narcissistic mother in White Oleander (2002) justifying to her daughter why she is not going to the parent teacher meeting.

"People don't buy a car. They buy me. So I take pride in my appearance. Well-oiled hair. clean shave... Get ready for a big day of learning. There's a sucker born every minute. We'll take them for all they've got." Narcissistic father about to bring his son to his used car dealership to show him the ropes in Matilda (1996).

"For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted." Frank Underwood in House of Cards.

"Of all the things I hold in high regard, rules are not one of them." Frank Underwood in House of Cards.

"You know that death is the most beautiful part of life, right? Death is beautiful because we all fear death. And fear is the most amazing emotion of all because it creates complete awareness. It brings you to now, and it makes you truly present. And when you're truly present, that's nirvana. That's pure love. So death is pure love." Patrick, the cult leader in Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011).

"Details of your incompetence do not interest me." Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006).


Narcissistic quotes from cult leaders

When asked what difficulties they had experienced, one cult leader said... "Every hesitation, every doubt, every problem, you name it, I have had the opportunity to overcome it."

In the moment when one cult leader supposedly learnt how to overcome all the past pain and abuse in one go, her first thought was, "If I can do this, anyone can."

"I was healing myself and at the same time helping others to heal also." (If you were a victim of a narcissist, when you realized what was going on, were you in any state to help other victims of narcissists?)

When asked if he always told the truth, one cult leader said "I try to, as far as I know it at the time."

"Don't bother arguing with me, you are going to lose."

"Many big issues can take years or decades to resolve, but with my process they can be cleared in minutes."

One cult leader said to the members: "Your lives are boring. If your life could be like my life, then you would be happy."

"I am the most important person here because I can't live without me."

"If you say you are doing something for somebody else, you are a liar. You are doing it for your own selfish reasons."

"Be under no illusion that my training room is in any way a democracy. At best, it is a benign dictatorship."

"I don’t know how to fail."

"I'm Jesus. Deal with it."

One cult leader was found guilty by the courts of having sexual relationships with clients and the punishment was a one month license suspension, a fine and five years probation during which he was not allowed to comment on the accuser. He says he took the first opportunity to completely revoke his license because there was something absolutely intolerable for him in his situation: "By complying with the terms set forth by the court implied (sic) not only that I consented to the punishment, but was admitting guilt for the wrongdoing. It meant that I could not stand up and defend myself in the public (sic)... and share my experience of the injustice."

"Everyone wants to work in my company!"

"I know how to know your emotions, then get into you so that you trust me and then I torture you."

"I am not here for you lot to learn. At the most fundamental level, my goal is power. I am here because I get power. And that's the end of it. I don't give a sh*t what you do."

"You may think I am big headed, but when you get to know me you will realize that it is congruency, not big headedness."

"All the women want me."

These narcissistic quotes give you some sense of the distorted logic, twisted realities and self centeredness of the narcissist.


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