You Really Need A
Career Change If...

The Good...

The things that let you know that you need a career change:
  • Your friends keep telling you to take your passion up professionally, and they mean it!
  • you make more money from your job on the side than from your regular employment
  • you can hardly wait until the end of your working day so you can go home to your hobby/passion
  • you fantasise about how to make money from your hobby/passion

The Bad...

You know you're in the wrong place and there's a career change needed when:

  • The original reason for taking on the current job no longer applies
  • you no longer getting from work what you want to be getting
  • you can only relax at the weekends when you're not at work
  • your life and your work are two separate things
  • you're not quite sure how you ended up in this job and your instinct is telling you that you shouldn't be there

And the Ugly...

And you know there's definitely a career change needed if:
  • you go to work only so you can have a bed indoors and eat three meals a day
  • you're anticipating your retirement, and you are only 32 years of age
  • you feel you're only living in the hours between your shifts at work
  • you consider your work 'work'
  • your friends are tired of hearing you say 'I need a career change!'
  • You feel you are diagonally parked in a parallel universe!


Your choice

All seriousness aside, if you think you're in a position where there's a career change needed, and you want to do something that is better for you, where doing it gives you a real sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, learn more about making your own career change decisions and get some unconventional career change advice...

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