She chose me from a dating site, conned me for 14 years and then discarded me


Following my divorce at 60 years of age I joined a dating site and met a 59 year old woman. She said that I was the only man on the site that attracted her, and at that stage I was flattered, knowing nothing about psychopaths or sociopaths.

We had 8 good years holidaying a lot, me doing extensive house improvements for her, entertaining her, and all the time paying for her.

From about year 9 I realized that she was alienating my family and friends, and she was beginning to bicker a lot, but I put up with this as I loved the woman, not realizing that the whole performance was a fraud.

At 14 years, and without any discussion, she announced that she was leaving me and wanted our house sold to finance her new house. She left me broken and disappeared without any forwarding address.

I have since discovered that she had been married 3 times before me, all with the same ending, and now following extensive reading on sociopath related websites I realize that I have been a victim. It is now 2 years since breakup,I am still not fully over it,but realize that these monsters are on dating sites, and men should be very aware.

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Beware the online dating stuff.
by: David

Your story is all too common. The internet has been a boon in many areas but also for the manipulators. While some people do find the love of their lives on the internet, many others fall victim to the predators.

Education is fundamental to understanding what was done to you but also to avoid getting caught again.

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