She seemed so innocent, and normal..

by never again
(climbing out of hell)

Let me start by saying I had no idea what a sociopath was until I met this girl. We met on Tinder and ended up being bf/gf. We were both in our early 30s.

The main mind control technique was gas-lighting. She used to set me up to notice something slightly, then when that something changed I would ask her what happened to that thing. it changed, and she would tell me it did not. This gets the person second guessing their own instinct, and distrusting your memory - once they have you in a state where you don't trust your intuition, then anything she denies that you don't have solid proof of becomes your "faulty memory," which then turns into her telling you she's getting upset with all your accusations.

No, you are not only disoriented, you're feeling guilty about accusing her of things that you cannot 100% confirm are true. It is a nasty, nasty trick and will have you paranoid and you will become suspicious of any inconsistency involving her, and if that inconsistency also involves a friend or family member then you will start to suspect they are involved as well. The lack of solid proof is what will destroy you.

Another technique is saying "I don't know" to any of your probings, until you get mad that they are being so disrespectful by not answering you. Then they will cry because they know you're a compassionate person and that you will forget about the argument to try and console them. Generally they will put their hands over their face, or cover their eyes with their shirt because they don't want you to see there actually aren't any tears. It's really sick once you see it in person. After I finally got the confidence to ignore that fake crying she knew I was on to her and changed her demeanor from "sad", to storming off to her bed with an angry face, like a child that didn't get their way. It was astounding to see a 30yr old woman act this way.

Another technique is playing it cool. A lot of times when you ask a sociopath female about something suspicious she will answer calmly and nonchalantly, as to not seem guilty. Most people when confronted with one of their lies will get aggressive, and try to defend themselves by attempting to instill fear... but a sociopath will be calm because an innocent person would be so surprised and loving towards their partner their intention would be to try and rest their partners fears, because they love them. However when you don't believe them and hold strong on your suspicion the sociopath turns to the fear technique and gets louder and angry. That's when you have your proof, as you will rarely get concrete evidence of their despicable actions.

One last technique I'll mention is in the technology realm. They will feel you out to see how tech savvy you are, and if you're likely to try and track them or record them. They do this because they often have two cell phones, or a Google voice number which they can make their debauchery calls through so you can see the number on their call log. They will often use obscure messaging apps that can't be traced to talk to other lovers, and will constantly erase their browser history on their phone. They will have multiple email accounts so they can give you the password to one of them as a sign of their trust, however all the dirt will be done on the other accounts. They will tell you it's fine to look through their phone because they've already erased all the dirt before you came over, and erased any conversation history on their chat apps.

They will often take their phones outside or in the bathroom or private places when out with you, or they will outright put it on silent so you don't hear all the messages coming in.

This isn't mind game stuff but female sociopaths will often be washing the sheets before you come over to get rid of sex stains on them. They will often want to shower first thing when they get home to wash the nastiness off their body from another man. They will often have UTIs. You will almost be able to sense when they are going to deny you of sex, because you were already suspect she was acting weird. Most likely because she just had sex and doesn't feel like doing it again or doesn't want you finding out she just did it. Obviously none of these are 100% indicative of cheating but if a lot of these happen frequently you're gut is probably right. You may also notice panties that she hasn't worn when with you that are sexy and have strains in them. She will try and say they are her bodies "natural excretions" but trust me, the coincidence is no coincidence.

Backpacks with overnight stuff in them, her wanting you to spend every night at her place (to keep you away from others), unshaken by sudden frightening events... man it is a real freak show, and she will keep you around with sex. Take heed.

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Well done
by: David


Thanks for writing and well done for figuring it out. The more of the tactics you can see and understand, the better.

Hope things are going well for you.


This describes my wife perfectly
by: Anonymous

This describes my wife perfectly. She also kept clean underwear in her car "in case she had an (urinary) accident."

Sounds like my life
by: Victim

You just explained my life up until last week, I lived almost 90% of what you wrote.
Finally, at last she come back home with hotel toiletries and a wet soap, confront her and she lied denying never been to any hotel even turning the card on me with anger on why would I bring up such accusation on her. I did my research confirming she was at the hotel, she continue to deny for two days..I broke down my evidences and that's when she attested on cheating and then start apologizing but only after knowing I have the facts....damn, why there are such people!!

Time to get out
by: David

Time to get yourself out of the relationship. As quickly as you can. And it may be difficult, but you need to avoid trying to make life easy for her, or hoping that if you are nice she will be nice back.

She has been taking advantage of you and any sign of niceness or kindness on your part will be seen by her as weakness.

Run, don't walk, to the exit!

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