Single Women Career Change

Questions, questions!

For single women career change brings a host of considerations.
  • What would I really like to do?
  • Which career is best?
  • What's right for me?
  • Do I transition slowly or all at once?
  • What about the long-term?
  • Where do I start?

The answer to all of these, of course, is going to be dependent on who you are. And I don't just mean your name!

Who are you?

Do you really know who you are? For some single women career change is used as a way to try to answer this question. They think that if they can find the perfect career, or the right job then it will allow them to be who they want to be in the world. This leads to what is known as 'career ADD', with the person moving from one job to another trying to find contentment and satisfaction, and not being able to.

The 'trick'

The trick here is that 'Be - Do - Have' sequence. First, learn how to be who you most want to be in the world. Then do the things that you like to do so that you can have what you want. This is the sequence used by people who are successful at every level in their lives.

There is a huge amount of advice for single women career changes available. Much of it is about making sure that you don't take unnecessary risks, that you remain safe and that you find something that makes you happy.

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A different starting point

But what if you start from a position where you are happy and content? Then the idea is to make decisions so you do things that allows you to keep it and have more of it. It's a subtle distinction... and it makes all the difference.

This means putting yourself first. It means having a really grounded sense of yourself to start from. It entails knowing your own mechanisms for understanding how to make a good decision. It means knowing how to run this process each and every time. Then you begin to think about your single women career change in a different way. Some of the unconventional career advice then begins to make sense.

The best answers are your own!

And knowing who you are makes it easy to know for sure what's best for you. You know for sure what's best for you. You have the decision making skills in place to know that you're moving in the right direction... for you. Because, each and every moment, you're having your own life...

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