Sociopathic Mother-in-Law

by Ashley
(unknown, Washington, USA)

It was clear to me upon reading it, that my abusive ex's mother had written the statement against me that was entered into family court records. Though my son's father promised to "make (my) life hell and be sure you never see your son again" (along with threatening suicide if I left him), I know darn well that those words entered his mind via his mother's mouth. The writing in the statement was very formal - words that are not typically used today - something my ex would not have done. The writing was her style, not his.

She hired a big-shot attorney who entered false claims against me. Realizing that I would definitely be shot in the head if I got custody - along with being totally humiliated and mocked by the judge - I conceded and gave my son to his father. I told all of my neighbors that "If I show up dead, you know who did it." It would have been my ex's mom.

The woman had made death threats against me, used my child to say hurtful things to me, lied to everyone about me, told my son that I hated him, and that it was not safe to go to mommy's house because "she has big poisonous snakes and spiders and rats in her house" my son later reported.

When my son's father passed in 2011, I had to trick this psycho in order to gain physical possession of my own child - I asked if I could bring him over for a visit (outside of typical visitation schedule) since his father died. She said yes - whew!

I took my son shopping for bedding and clothing. When I returned to my apartment with my son, her other son cut me off in the parking lot. Two hours later, after hearing messages on my answering machine from both my son's guardian ad-litem and my attorney, as well as FIVE threatening messages from my ex's mom and my ex's brother, and all of the court documents I handed to them, the cops told the man to get off the property and not come back or they would file a restraining order on my behalf.

When I received a copy of my ex's will, it was hand-written by his mom - totally legal except one thing: he did not sign all three pages - only the last one. This made his will null-and-void. He had to sign each page to prove he had read each page.

Guess what was on page 2 of 3?

"It is my special request that (my name) not be given custody of (my son)."

I do not believe my son's father wrote that - he may have been abusive but I seriously doubt he would have gone THAT far on his death bed.

The family continued to stalk my son and I for two years. I don't know how they kept finding us. Our only choice was to move in with my sister - it's been two years and I have not heard from them but I still fear that woman immensely.

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The damage these people cause...!
by: David

Hi there,

Well done for getting your son back!!

It's a living nightmare when there are children involved in these situstions and it continues until the psychopath(s) is removed from the scene.

And about the will, never underestimate a psychopath. If your ex was a psychopath, it's easily possible for him to have made such a request.

Much of the fear that you have is a direct result of the mind control that you were subjected to and it would be worth learning more about mind control, preferably with the help of an expert.

It will undo the damage done to you but it means you will also be able to educate your son so that the damage done to him does not cause him problems later in life.

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