Someone Who I Thought Was A Friend

I met this women 6 years ago and we quickly become good friends. She seemed very religious and read the bible all the time and preached a lot. I believed she was a good person and trusted her by telling my inner thoughts, even personal issues, by confiding in her.

A few years after I met her, her husband died from alcoholism and the night before his funeral she was drinking and showed me she was on line already looking for men. I thought this to be strange but thought it must be how she was dealing with grief.

I since then found out so much more about her because I moved in with her to help with her bills.

I watched her seduce men for money and take thousands and tell me god gave it to her. I watched her do ungodly things and still carry her bible around and tell me god was providing for her.

She used everything I told her in confidence against me. She watched crime stories about murders all the time and still read her bible. I could go on and on about this women.

I am now wondering if she had anything to do with the death of her husband and I am sure her in-laws are thinking the same thing because they wanted her not to inherit any of his millions of dollars and spent a few years fighting her in court.

She accused a boyfriend three times of trying to drug and kill her but kept going back.

I have since then moved the hell out and was thinking she is the devil and I am worried about her doing things to me. I keep my distance from her but I am worried about what she is capable of doing.

Be careful who you become friends with!

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So many warning signs!
by: David

Well done for getting away!

This woman has all the hallmarks of a psychopath and it seems that her husbands family were onto her.

Quite a few partners of psychopaths turn to drink to try and cope with the abuse they suffer.

It's interesting that she accused a previous boyfriend of trying to drug her because a common trait of the psychopath is to accuse others of doing what they are doing themselves.

And remember that fear and guilt are 2 big things that the manipulators use against others, so much of your fear of her will be due to the pseudopersonality you have and learning more about how specifically this woman controlled you will help with that.

Just some empathy here.
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you got hurt by someone you seemed to be able to trust. I had a simiular experience. Just recently broke away. It takes a lot to break all ties and its so awesome that you did. Healing is on the way. Even though that women is very bad God has not changed and he still is good.

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