The Day the World Ended.

by Lucy

Tall, dark, handsome. I should have known this was too good to be true.

I met him the day the world was supposed to end in December at a party. He asked for my number, kissed me, seemed very interested in me. Told me his name was Hastur.

Then, two weeks later told me he lied about his name. His real name was Fred. But there was something so comforting about him, he really drew me in, took me on nice dates and listened to all my stories. I guess he saw the hurt in my past and decided to weasel his way in. I guess he thought, "here's a girl three years younger than me with family and ex problems, perfect."

And I fell for him. He appeared to be everything I wanted in a relationship, but sometimes he was cold and distant. Then I found out that he had another girlfriend as well and had been hiding us from each other.

I was devastated. Here was someone I thought I could trust. But looking back, I should have seen the warning signs. He loved poker, loved to read people, loved to socialize at parties with the DJ's to get them to play what he wanted. He loved games, strategies, lies.

Especially lies. He loved to manipulate everyone around him. He hurt two girls and showed no remorse.

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Well spotted!
by: David


How fortunate that you found out so soon!

It is worth finding out what vulnerabilities you may have that this sociopath noted in you and what made him target you.

I want to be very clear that I don't think it is your fault in any way or that you 'attracted' this manipulator. Sociopaths are social predators that hunt their prey.

And there was a reason that he targeted you. It is useful for you to know what he saw in you so that you can take steps so that you are not targeted in the future by other manipulators.

Hope this is useful for you.

Thanks for writing.


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