The Lure Of Christian Unions (cu)

I joined cu at age of 14. Its a long story... very long.

And coming from a sick dysfuntional family, where your own family aims to harm you, what chance did I have?

So I moved all over doing evangelism and praying on people for seven years. Then it was time to stop.

I thought I would resolve my problems in a month after coming out of christian union... well... it has taken me 20 years of therapy. Dealing with the same thing, plus newer abusers who somehow knew my mind was collapsed and open for assault.

But I hope I am almost, if not completely, through all the mental anguish now.

Thanks to a website like this, I have had my hope and therapy that otherwise I never would have afforded.

Thank you all.


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I am pleased!
by: David


Thanks for writing. It is always a delight to hear that someone has had the courage and perseverance to leave a destructive group and do what is necessary to take their life back!

Well done!


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