The "Simple Sweet Nurse" Who I Will Always Be Afraid Of PART 2.

by Dylan

A quint little innocent quote by the nurse turned artist. When asked she said it was her mother's quote.

A quint little innocent quote by the nurse turned artist. When asked she said it was her mother's quote.

I was now living with her. I was working a manual labor job which her half sister's husband had hired me onto.

A new trade. I enjoyed it. I had been working there for a few months before I'd moved in with her.

I started having more and more gut feelings and doubts about her character. Many weekends we'd drink, drug or party but I'd often find myself with a plethora of questions.

Half the time I was just analyzing her demeanor. She seemed more and more off as time went on.
She would take a long time to answer questions. Conversation seemed unnatural and she seemed to not have a real personality but be responding solely with answers she thought were "right". I felt insane for feeling this way.

I was often urged to play detective on her phone. An unnatural immature desire that made me feel unwell and unhealthy. It was not something I think I actively desired.

Even then. I felt like she had desired these feelings to arise in me. As if she were pulling strings but I had no tangible evidence to point to to say "Here! This is you being a problem.."

I did not DESIRE to find a flaw or misdeed in my partners lives previously since maturing and again this felt very nauseating to me. Nevertheless on a few occasions I found them.

The first was a text to whom she said was her husband's step mother. The conversation had started with regular casual greetings. The girlfriend then proceeded to complain about life being tough for her right now. Not having a running vehicle was her main complaint.

We both had running vehicles which were not having any issues.

I packed my shit and bounced. My gut felt really funny.

I wasn't even going to confront her or ask. I just left.

I went back to where I was staying previously and explained what was going on. Or tried to. The two close people I had just presumed would be automatically supportive were confused as to why I'd left. I was spinning in confusion trying to figure out where to start.

I felt too ashamed to even say I'd looked through her phone and I ranted about the gut feelings confusion and my suspicion of her being a covert narcissist. I made up a lie about her having cheated.

PART 3 coming sometime in the future. Thanks again.

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by: DorkyCat

Holy moly. This reminds me a lot like the intuition I get whenever someone is playing or manipulating me. Like, you know there is no seemingly logical reason for it but you just know based on your feeling. This can be especially difficult when people around you will start to guilt trip you into thinking that you're a "bad guy" for leaving. So I think maybe that was why you made up that lie in the first place, to lessen that pressure.

I recently met a douchebag, he was all too smooth. I blocked him at some point in the first week we met. I felt confident with that decision but I gave into my siblings' guilt trips. They told me I probably just misunderstood or maybe I am too "assuming" that the guy had a sexual intention with me. The thing that was the strangest thing after I unblocked him was that he was not angry. At all. It was too normal enough to creep me out. I know for sure that if your friend blocked you, you would at least be angry. There were other red flags but I can't think of much since i decided by my feelings rather than my head. Of course, my siblings made me feel bad enough to make me unblock him which made me block him eventually since I knew that even if I was almost head-over-heels for this guy, he is too good to be true too which is a red flag especially when you just met.

Feelings and rational decisions
by: David

I think it's a good idea to use feelings and your head to make decisions in situations like this. Unless you have practiced your intuitions in relation to psychopaths, going by feelings alone can be very tricky. That's why many people get caught. They trust their feelings, which have been distorted by the psychopath and ignore the head stuff, in other words, they deny the reality of what they can see and hear.

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