7 Step Decision Making Model

About the 7 Step Decision Making Model

This model was developed by Rick Roberts of the University of North Florida career services.

It was designed for those who wanted a decision-making model to help with choosing a career path or deciding what to do about a job offer.

An important factor in the model is information gathering. It is suggested that the more information that's available, the easier it is to make decisions. So many of the steps are designed to do just this.

The 7 steps

  • Identify the decision to be made - exactly what are you trying to decide?

  • Know yourself - what are your strengths, weaknesses, skills, values and interests
  • Identify options - list the various choices so far
  • Gather information and data - about each alternative
  • Evaluate options that will solve the problem, pros, cons and risks of each alternative
  • Select the best option- may be necessary to loop back and gather more info
  • Develop a plan of action - and implement it!


Pros and Cons

The 7 Step Decision Making Model was designed for career decision making and so can be a bit cumbersome if applied to decisions that are not as significant. Not so useful for deciding between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, for example!

Information overload may actually inhibit the decision making, as well as trying to figure out which information is relevant and which is not. And this model is not how we as humans naturally make decisions.

The first step in the 7 Step Decision Making Model is very important, whatever decision you have to make. Sometimes just clarifying what the decision is, or what the question you want answered is, makes it much easier to decide.

More info

The seven step decision-making model is one of many. If you want to know more, here is a brief overview of some other decision making models...

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