Decision Making Approaches
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Which kind?

Usually when people ask about decision making approaches they are asking about the kind of model they could best use. Or they want a comparison of decision models.

But let's take a broader look at some decision making approaches that are commonly used.

Selfish or not?

Are you making a decision for yourself or for others? What I mean by this is that many people make a decision based on what other people will think of them. Or they make a decision so as not to displease somebody else.

This is not the same as asking for help or an opinion from somebody else. Very often, this is simply a normal part of the information gathering process.

But if you really want to make one particular choice, and you choose something else because of somebody else, then you're not making your own decisions. You're making the other person's decision. Which means you are living the life the other person wants for you. Not a good idea!

Oscar Wilde said that selfish is not living your life the way you want to, it's other people expecting you to live your life the way they want you to.

The timespace continuum

Other frequent decision making approaches include a consideration of a very small frame of time and space. Many people make decisions that hold up only for a very short time.

They do this because they only have their immediate comfort and safety in mind. They may choose an easy option so that they feel good and feel comfortable. But it doesn't deal with the underlying issue, which means that very soon they have to make another decision again.

When people use a decision making process that allows them to keep their integrity intact over time, there will be times when they make decisions that are not easy and they won't be comfortable. But they won't be compromising themselves either!

How far out?

Similarly with the decision making approaches to space. And by this I mean the number of people who will be influenced by the decision. Do you consider only yourself or do you consider ever-increasing circles of people around you who will be affected? The vast majority of people rarely consider more than a handful of people in any of their decisions.

This may seem to contradict the decision making approaches to making a decision for yourself above. But in this case, you may find yourself making a decision where you know somebody else will be uncomfortable or displeased. But you also know that you and they will benefit over the long-term. So you go ahead and make the decision.


And the last of the decision approaches I will mention here is the timing of decisions. Do you wait until the last moment, so that you're forced into making a decision? Or do you make your decisions well before you need to make them, so that when you get to the choice points in your life, you already know which direction to take?

For example, somebody decides that are going to do all their business dealings with honesty and integrity. If ever a situation occurs where they are undercharged, or given too much change, they don't have to deliberate or agonize over what to do. They rectify the situation immediately.

Now consider doing this with such things as love, freedom, fidelity, kindness, respect and so on.

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