How To Make
Good Decisions - Part 2

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Will this work?

So you're in the middle of making a decision, you have decided on a plan of action and the next question is, will this work? Based on your past experiences, along with what you have learned, you think it will...

Let's back up for a moment.

In the past, you've made good decisions and you have made bad decisions. And very often, in the moment, you knew whether it was a good decision or a bad decision.

But how did you know?

This is the information we are after.


Your personal signals

Try this experiment. Think of a good decision that you have made recently.

It can be big or small, it doesn't matter. Preferably one that you were very sure about. You knew absolutely you were choosing the right option and it would work. Pick something where it was obvious that it had worked, for example, you decided to take the car instead of walking because you knew it would be faster, or you see something you like in a store that you know is expensive and you decide to wait until you have checked the price in a cheaper place before buying.

So you know how to make good decisions because you have made good ones. But how did you know it would work?


How to make good decisions

The answer lies in the sensations in your body, the images you see in your minds eye, or in the words or voice you use to talk yourself. For example, you might see yourself completing the task successfully and easily, or hear a self-assured voice that says 'Of course that will work!' Or there is a feeling of certainty somewhere in your body.

So where is this image in your mind's eye? Point to where it is. Is it black and white or color? Is it a movie or a slide? How big is it?

Now the voice. Whose is it? Where does it come from? What tone does it have? What else do you notice about it?

And the feeling, where is it? How would you describe it, warm, cool, pressure, tingling, light…?

Make a note of these things.


How your intuition works...

These are your personal internal signals that let you know how to make a good decision.

These signals let you know that, based on your past experiences, you believe that the option you have chosen will work. This is your intuition at work. These internal signals are letting you know that you should go ahead with this particular option in your decision-making.

It also follows that the more experiences you have, the better your ability to choose the right option. This is what makes a person an expert in their field. They have so many experiences that they have a much better sense than outsiders of what will work out and what won't work, and they can make faster decisions.

The next bit…

The next part is to pick a decision that did not work out for you. Again, make it something obvious.

Now think back to when you were making the decision. Did you have any doubts? Did you even know that it probably would not work out?

And the important bit... How did you know this?

Again, there will be images, sounds and feelings. Examine each one in the same way as before. It's important to make notes about the differences between these images, sounds and feelings and the ones for a good decision.

This is how you will know how to make good decisions.


Now you know!

This information is vital as part of your decision-making process. It allows you to easily consider an option and decide if you think it will work or not. It lets you know how to make good decisions.


So you're in the middle...

...of making a decision, you have decided on a plan of action and the next question is, will this work? Based on your past experiences, along with what you have learned, you think it will... because you have checked your internal signals for how to make good decisions...

If you think it will work, you go ahead. If you don't think it will work, you need to alter it in some way, or even choose a totally different alternative. Read more about how we naturally make 90 to 95% of our decisions.

Read 'How To Make Good Decisions?' - Part 1

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