My son is marrying a narcissistic psychopath

My son was dating a young girl. The relationship was troubled. He worked with a woman who made friends with him. He admired the friend. She told him how she had broken her back and learned to walk again. Her fiancé dumped her. Her current boyfriend was not nice and stealing from her and his family didn't even speak to her. He was supposed to marry her but wasn't going to. Poor, poor her. He confided in her and after she time convinced our son to leave his girlfriend and he moved himself and his daughter back home with us to get on his feet and save some money. We did not know she was behind it. We thought he was making the decision.

Six months after he moved back we were going on a family holiday. The night before we left he went on a date. That morning we are waiting and waiting for him so we can leave. We wait and wait and he finally shows up and she drives him. I say nothing but she is just smiling. Weird.

They start to date. We start to notice a change. She is giving him gifts. TV, clothes. Lots of gifts for his daughter. He starts to change. His appearance. His activities. He stops his volunteer work. He stops playing sports. He stops spending time with his friends.

Then she starts staying with him. She starts telling him that we his parents are doing things behind his back. That he isn't making his decisions. Every time there is a family function she finds a way to make it a big fight but she sits back and watches it happen.

She leaves and goes home for weeks and comes back. To make him really miss her. Then when things get tense she leaves again. She makes changes in schedules constantly so family time becomes missed or impossible. If she gets cornered into being there she makes it look like the family don't like her and becomes a victim.

After a big family fight during a family annual gathering our son was so mad at everyone because of his poor girlfriend that he and his daughter moved out. Two years has passed. She faked a stroke so she can't work. He completely supports her. She controls everyone. We never, ever see our son or grand daughter without her present. She controls all activity. She said if he didn't want to be with her he wouldn't do it.

Our son is not the same person. His whole appearance, belief system and personality have changed. We and all of his extended family do not see him.

They are engaged and planning to move seven hours away. We will never see our son or granddaughter that we helped raise for eight years.

People say: He is an adult and can choose his own life. I get it. But he is not the same person. He has been a victim of mind control.

I need to know how to reach him? She had his phone monitored and a tracker on it.


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Not an easy situation
by: David


This is a complicated situation. When people tell you that he is an adult and can choose, they do not understand mind control. This is one of the myths of mind control. As you well know, he is not making his own decisons.

It's important for you to learn about mind control and pseudopersonalities so that you can learn how to introduce information to your son in such a way that he can accept the information and begin to think for himself again.

There are many aspects to cover here and it would be better if you contacted me on the contact page and I can make more specific recommendations for you.


by: Anonymous

My son married a psychopath. He was married to her for 11 years. Took his own life to save his little boy.

How sad.
by: David

Sad, but all too common.

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