What Are The Best Decision Models
And Tools Available?

Below is a (growing!) list of decision models and the various tools available, with links to more detailed explanations of some of them. I plan to write a page about the rest of them over time.

In keeping with the layout of the rest of this site, they are divided into Rational, Intuitive, Combined (rational and intuitive), Group Decision Making and Miscellaneous. The various models are listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference and if a model has many names, these are placed in alphabetical order too.

The aim is to have a centralized page with all the information available in one place, with comments and opinions on the best decision models available.

Have you devised your own model or do you have one that works for you? Is there a model you'd like to see on the list? Share it with other readers here...

In this way, you get to build your own page about your favorite model, others benefit from your knowledge, and you benefit from theirs!



5 step decision making model
6 step decision making process
7 step
9 step
Blind Spot Analysis
Bounded rational decision making model
Break-even Analysis
Conjoint Analysis
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Critical Path Analysis
Decision Grid
Decision Matrix
Decision Support Systems
Decision Trees
Decision Wheels
Force Field Analysis
Futures Wheel
Grid Analysis
Impact Change analysis
Kepner Tregoe matrix
Paired Comparison Analysis
Pareto Analysis
PMI Chart
Problem selection grid
Pugh Matrix
Reactive Decision Making
Risk Analysis
Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix
Rule-based decision tools
Selection matrix
SWOT Analysis
T Chart
Vroom Jago model



Information received by the 5 senses
6th sense!
I Ching



Recognition primed decision making model
Six Thinking Hats of Edward de Bono


Group Decision Making

Analytic Hierarchy Process
Consensus Decision Making
Nominal Group Technique
Range Voting
Stepladder Technique



Chance - tossing a coin, picking one of 52 cards etc.
Decision Wheels


Have I left out any decision models?

I'd like to have a page where all the decision models are listed, each with a link to a page describing it.

If you know of a model that you would like to see listed, you can add it here!

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